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Rider Updates

Dec 31 2021

2021 recap/2022 goals

The last two years have proven a challenge for all, but especially the outdoor and recreational sports
industries. Races and venues were cancelled, series were put on hold. Our goal in 2021 became to just find places to ride. We traveled up and down the west coast, and even as far out as Wyoming to find opportunity to ride. All in all I struggled this year with finding my place and a flow. I had a rough time with the D36 races where riding in Women B put me on the front row with 300-400 C riders behind me. Having people clip me, shoulder check, and even KICK me really took the fun out of the races, I couldn’t focus let alone function, and really took a mental beating in the first several months of the year. My best races were in the summer at the Sugar City GP where I led for a bit, the Drifter SE in Albany, and the D36 Fort Sage race where I switched classes again to a less crowded race where I holeshotted and led the first half of the race. Our plans to race the fall D36 series in California fell through when  my husband got hit with a potentially career ending injury. At that point it was more important to invest time into healing, to aim for the best possible outcome for the future. For 2022 the goal remains to help aid him in rehabilitation while finding local races and series to ride. We currently have a tentative goal to attend as many of the 2022 AMA Western Hare Scramble races as we can once he is released. Another goal I would like to chase is hitting some of the bigger one-off races such as the Virginia City GP. We also will be venturing out through Idaho and Montana to see what we can find out there. Getting as much time on the bike as possible is important with the mind set of replicating the mental and physical state of the races I felt good in. At this point with the current pandemic, and drought conditions, anything we can ride, we will. Cheers to more seat time on the bike in 2022!

Nov 25 2020

2020 in a nutshell continued - The 3rd round didn't fare much better, with losing my rear brakes and blowing my shock on the first lap. My goal was to finish the race no matter what since I had DNF'd the last two rounds, and though the result was not with me at least towards the front, I finished the race in one piece. My takeaway was despite my crash and poor luck, my pace exceeded my expectations after the lack of confidence in the spring, and I am so eager to get back out there and lay that pace down again. We spent some time in California, and with the setup reverted, and the suspension rebuilt, I am feeling even better on the bike than I have in years, especially on the track. For the remainder of 2020, the focus will be getting more time on the bike, and prepping for 2021. We hope to hit as many races as we can, with a focus still on offroad, and adding in some bigger regional moto races. Thank you to all who have supported me through the years, and I hope to have the opportunity to continue representing the brands that help me succeed!

Nov 25 2020

2020 in a nutshell - Coming into 2020 was tough coming off of a pretty intense shoulder injury and surgery. When I did get back on the bike, I had found that it had affected me mentally more than I anticipated. My first race back was the arenacross at the beginning of the year. I was happy with 2nd place especially since I have not ridden an indoor track in over 10 years. Headed north to Washington for a Pacwest, still felt nervous, and really off on the bike in an unexplainable way. Was able to salvage 3rd place for the weekend. We spent the spring just trying to get time on the bike, and I had made some set up changes trying to be proactive with my shoulder. It took a couple months to realize that those changes are what had me feeling so off on the bike, to the point of severely dampening my confidence in a very detrimental way. Once we got into some GP races I was definitely feeling better. My speed and ability on the bike was beyond even my expectations, however my luck was not in my favor. The first round in June I was running in third in Women A when I hit a tree with my bars almost peeling my off the bike. Did the same thing the next lap, and the next lap I messed up and blew my arm through a fence, ending my race. The 2nd round at Riley Ranch had me feeling dialed. It is one of my favorite GP races, and I was settling into a very good pace early on, coming from a last place start out of 10 (darn all the electric start KTM's!) to 3rd by the end of the first lap. Another unfortunate event occurred when I tried to avoid a mini rider that was out on the track, resulting in another racer colliding with me at 4th gear wide open. We tangled hard, and hit the ground even harder. With both bikes landing on top of me, I busted the front end of my bike, broke my goggles, my nose, and was bruised basically from head to toe. To Be Continued.....

Sep 23 2019

OMRA Round 6 Dick Jagow race report can be found here It was a mudder!!

Jul 25 2019

Amatuer Days @Lucas Oil Pro Motocross series, Washougal WA Update via instagram @kawigirl_3 ~ Expectations for the week were not high after the contentious struggles of the year, most recently of which involved buying a NEW bike that had already been blown up. However, after two last place starts, I ended up 4th overall out of 18. Not too shabby for a mom with a bum arm! Looking forward to coming back for the Dick Jagow, rnd 5 of the gp series!

Jun 16 2019

OMRA rnd 4 Clarks Branch GP update ~ Due to bike issues last weekend, I was unable to race this weekend. I was however, able to work at the race for points, so I am able to maintain my points lead. In a nutshell, the shop that sold me my hike, sold me a bike that THEY had blown up during THEIR break in process, then proceeded to sell it to me as a new bike. Kawasaki corp got involved, and long story short I have a new bike and will be ready for rounds 5-8!

Jun 8 2019

OMRA rnd 3, Sugar City GP update from my Instagram feed @kawigirl_3 ~ Well today definately did not go as hoped. I did not have a lot of confidence going into this weekend between my shoulder, being on a new bike, and not having my rekluse. Last 2 races I was able to pull the holeshot. Today I am pretty sure I came off the line last. Was able to get right onto the tail of first place about half way thru the field. About 5 minutes in my bike locked up. We were able to get it started, but it continued to run bad, stalling, and locking up midstraight a few mpre times. I managed to charge from 15th to 6th, finishing within a minute of 5th. I am proud of my determination, but man, today sure humbled me! Many of you know of my struggles the last year, and days like today can be so disheartening. I wanted so BAD to give up and pull off. But then I remembered I still had a goal. I still had a reason to make it as far as I could. It may not be a 1st like the last 2 rounds, but I am in this for points, and I made up some ground!

Feb 22 2019

2019.... ready or not, here I come! Hey Everyone, first I want to thank you ALL for all of the support, recent and through the years. I have been out of the scene a bit as I was in a car accident (rear ended by a school bus!) May of 2018. I continued to try to ride through the year, but as I was battling a back injury this was fairly difficult. In the fall, a latent injury to my shoulder started to manifest. Fortunately I was able to squeeze in the last to races of my season, a GP race, as well as my first Sprint Enduro race. I was able to pull of a win in both, despite having a clutch failure at the GP. My shoulder got progressively worse through the winter, and we finally ordered imaging to show a torn labrum and rotator. I thought I was for SURE doomed to surgery, however, my surgery deemed it not necessary. We did a cortisone shot and scheduled physical therapy instead. I am happy to report that my shoulder feels at about 80%. Still working on my back as I had a HUGE setback when I returned back to work as a dental assistant, and will be discontinuing work in the dental field indefinitely. I have 5 weeks before my first race of the season. I am hoping to get some seat time before then, and if not, I will still be in the gym training. I am focused on a season win and championship in the 2019 OMRA GP series, so even if I am not back 100%, I will still be at the first round at the least to gain points.

Nov 16 2017

***2018 Snowbike Races***

Just wanted to update my sponsors as well as potential sponsors, we are currently committed to racing a snowbike race on New Years Eve in Mullan, ID. The event is being put on by Chaun McAlister. Also, we plan on attending at minimum 3 if not 4 rounds of the AMA Snowbike series. Thanks for reading, and happy 2018 season! 

I can be contacted directly at if there are questions about this race or my schedule in general.



Mar 28 2017

Hey there, just sending an update out to my sponsors since doesnt have a snowbike category yet, my husband Devin Watson and I attended and participated in our first snowbike race at round 7 of the AMA snow bike championship series. Having only been on a snow bike 3 times prior, we felt we did well; I ran in 3rd until I went down, ended up 5th overall in the womens. Devin made the A main and was running in 4th until he went down and his shoulder came out. The series promoter Ron Dillon has invited us to participate at the 8th and final round in Boise, ID on Sat April 8th. Hopefully the weather is better than it was at Diamond lake, I was worried my fingers were going to get frost bite! Thank you for the support, and I will keep you all posted on how this next round goes!! Excited to add Snowbikes to my resume! Have a great week! Krystle Watson

Nov 11 2007

I currently keep a list of all of my results on It is too much to keep track of all of the results on numerous websites, including always updating them. On mxresultz, I have an unlimeted number of results I can post, and so far they are the best organized of any website. I keep my mxresultz updated within a week of my races. For a full list of my results, or to veiw current results, please visit You can also subscribe to my results, and then you don't have to check back to my site. Everytime I post results, you will receive them. SO GO CHECK EM OUT!!