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Personal History

My name is Kurt, I am 5' 9'' i weigh 163 pounds and my passion is racing and riding my dirt bike. I run track and i do a lot of BMX i'm in good shape. I dont like to give up no matter what i will push it untill i can't push it no more. I ride bikes as soon as i get out of school and hang out with my friends.

Riding Goals

 I am moving up to a RM250 this year a little nervous but i plan on going big and taking some first place wins. I want to make it to first in the series points i got second last year on the 125 and the race places are on the events section for last year. Other than that i just wonna get faster so i can move up in classes and get better.

Competitive Highlights

 I am very competitive when it comes to racing. You can have friends off the track but when they get on the track there my competition. I am not a cheater or a dirty racer i play clean and give it the best that i can at all times. My friends say i am very fast and have lots of protential and can go somewhere some day if i put effort in it.