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Personal History

Hello, my name is Kyle Bettfreund I group up riding motor vehicles loving to ride them the past 2 years I have slowly trying to work on my riding performance. I have never actually been in a race, but I have been too a few tracks to ride. For the past two years I have not been with my biological family do to some problems and now live with a better one but sadly I am the only one in a family of six that rides dirt bikes. I love working on vehicles, motors, dirt bikes and everything inbetween. Any time I get the chance I love to get on my dirt bike and go ride. I love trying new things anything from riding something new or try out different types of gear anything like that I find lots of joy in!

Riding Goals

I want to ride because I love the rush, be in control, exploring new things, I have always loved the experience of riding! As of right now I am trying to work on all of my skills why I'm riding I love watching the videos that I record with my GoPro and videos that people record of me to find what I can do better on. I want to start going to races and practices to better my skills even more.

Competitive Highlights

I have made alot of accomplishments with what I have been wanting to do, for the past two years I have been working and saving so I can buy all of my gear and parts and I have got a lot of what I wanted. I wanted to get boots a new helmet gear set and clothes and goggles I have got those things but it's hard because I have to pay for all of my stuff so it has taken me awhile to get all my gear. I wanted yo get better at whoops jumping and following my ruts and have slowly gotten better but I'm still not at all close where I want to be. I am going to keep trying my hardest to pursue riding and doing what I love!