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Personal History

I am 13 years old and Motocross means everything to me. It is the best sport in the world no one can deny it. I always wanted a dirt bike ever since I could talk, but my mom said that I had to learn how to ride a 2-wheeler first. I finally got it down when I was 2 and sure enough on my 3rd birthday, I got my very own Honda CRF 50. I practiced in my neighborhood and in the dog park sometimes and the track every once in a while. I did my first race in 2009 and I won it. That's when I met my best friend Jagger Koch. I only raced 2 races on my Honda but then I got a KTM 50 Senior. It was way better than the Honda. It was way faster and it wasn't as heavy. After my first season, I won the championship for RMEC (Rocky Mountain Enduro Circuit). I raced my KTM the next year too in the 50cc 7-11 class. I won that season too, but it wasn't easy. I only won by 2 points over Jagger. In 2011, I got a KX 65. I didn't really race the 50 class because my dad said I was too big for it. I didn't really know how to work the clutch, so I ended up 4th overall for that season. In 2012, I started to race a new series called CORCS (Colorado Off-Road Championship Series). I won the RMEC championship and same with CORCS. In 2013, I mainly started to race CORCS because many of the RMEC races were too far. Also, I got a new KX 85 at the beginning of the year. I raced that the whole season with the 85 and I won the CORCS series. In 2014, I started racing a new motocross series called RMXA (Rocky Mountain Motocross Association). I started off the season good, but in the 2nd race of the season, I did the adult race and I was winning. But on the last lap, my engine blew up. I still finished the race in 2nd because I rode my dad's KTM 350 over the finish line. After that, I got a 2014 KX 85 before the next race and I raced that for a while until at a RMXA race in Brush, CO, I broke my wrist and missed a CORCS race. Before I broke it, I qualified for Loretta Lynn's regional qualifier but I couldn't do it. After that, I did another CORCS race and won it and an RMXA race and I got second, but a month after I got my cast off for my right wrist, I broke my left wrist really bad. It was a fracture through the growth plate. I just got out of the cast about a month ago and I have been doing good since then. In 2015, I raced CORCS, RMXA, and SRAC, which is also a motocross series. I didn't do enough motoross races to get a trophy, but I won 2 classes in CORCS. I won the Mini 4 12-16 and Youth 12-16 in the adult race. I had some great battles in Mini 4 with my friend Ryder Hernandez, but Youth 12-16 was pretty easy because Ryder raced a different class than me so I didn't have much competition. 

Riding Goals

I really want to get faster and eventually become a pro racer. I want to make it to loretta lynns for 2016 and I am confident that I can do it. Also, I want to become a part of Kawasaki's racing team.

Competitive Highlights

For the first 3 years of my racing life, I have gotten first place overall in RMEC every year until I broke my leg and then the next year I got first again. Then CORCS started and I have won that series 5 times so I am a eight time champion in my whole racing career and I have more to come.