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Personal History

     My name is Kyle Godnick. I am 25 years old from Needles, CA. But now living in Las Vegas, NV. I grew up riding out into the desert from my parents backyard. I just love to ride my dirtbike. I am nowhere near the fastest out there, I just like to have fun riding and racing my dirtbike, and try to be competitive when I'm racing.  I try to do as many of the WORCS races I can, as well as some other races around the Las Vegas area.

Riding Goals

Some riding goals are to keep getting better every time I ride or race. I like to learn new ways to get faster and smoother out on the track or out in the desert. I would like to do a lot more racing this winter whether it be at a track, or the desert. 

Competitive Highlights

1st place WORCS Spt. C champion 2012 

1st place Searchlight Grand Prix 2012 & 2013

1st place USRA Open Amateur  overall winner in Mesquite, NV January 25, 2014

1st place MRAN series Open Amateur overall winner in Ely, NV June 21, 2014