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Personal History

Hello, my name is Kyle Miller, I am 15 years old  born and raised in Lovettsville Va. I started riding 9 years ago but I have never raced until this year. I have played travel soccer at a very competitive and high level but motocross has always been my passion and I always make time to ride whenever I can. I started to realize that I still just was not getting enough time on the bike so I quit travel soccer so that I can be devoted 100% to motocross on the weekends. I do all of my own mechanical work on the bike and I try to keep it running the best that I possibly can without breaking the bank. I'm looking forward to this season and I will try to get as much done this year as I possibly can.

Riding Goals

My riding goal for this season was to race my first race in OPEN D, but with that out of the way and me finishing first in both motos and clenching first overall, I am shifting my goal toward a top 10 in either 250c or OPENc by the end of the season. I believe that if I try  hard enough then I can very well be able to achieve these goals.

Competitive Highlights

- First Place overall and in both motos in MAMA Mx Tomahawk Mx OPEN-D 5-11-14

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