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Rider Updates

Aug 5 2014

The preparations for Walton week are in full gear!  My Dad and I are busy wrenching on the bikes. We have applied the new Decal Works graphics and number plates.  All three bikes are looking good!

I spent a week volunteering at Motocamp in July and then spent the next week training there with Lino Zecca and Ken Bland.  It was a great experience.  I am looking forward to putting all that I learned into practice at Walton next week.

I am working with Honda's Junior Red Rider program on a part time basis this summer.  It is so great to see the kids progress so much in such a short time.  It's fun to share my passion with them!

Jun 10 2014

It was a busy weekend at Walton.  The last Amateur Qualifier of 2014 brought out the best of the best!

I got 8th in all three classes that I ran - I was disappointed with my performance but it motivates me to practice harder and do better next race.

Despite the Walton results, I qualified for the Trans Can Amateur Nationals in first place in MX 2 Jr. ,  3rd in School Boy and 9th in MX 3 Jr. (a class that I picked up late and only ran in 3 of the 5 qualifiers).

The Hi Point, Provincial and Moto Cup series continue - and the countdown to Trans Can is on!!

Thank you to all the sponsors in this program - not just the ones who sponsor me - if it weren't for all of you a lot of us would not be able to participate fully in this great sport!!

May 12 2014

A crazy day of racing yesterday at Motopark in Chatsworth.  Another round of the Amateur National Qualifiers.  I placed 3rd in MX2 Jr after getting the hole shot and leading until the last lap when I hit a kicker on the lip of #8.  I flipped over the bars and landed pretty hard on my face.  I was able to get up quickly and finished 3rd.  In MX3 Jr. I was in third on the white flag lap when I blew my back tire.  I finished the moto and got 9th overall. 

I am hoping for better luck next weekend when I race in the Moto Cup, Rounds 1 & 2.

Thanks again to my sponsors for all their help!  I couldn't do this with you!

Apr 28 2014

I had a really good day at RJ's Amateur National Qualifier.  I placed second in MX2 Jr and 4th in School Boy.  I rode my new Yamaha 250 two stroke ( I just got it Friday) in MX 2 Jr - and I love it! 

I will make my sponsors proud and if all goes well be on the podium at Walton in August!!


Apr 25 2014

I have been accepted as an Instructor with Honda Canada's Junior Red Rider program for this summer.  I will be training May 3 and 4th and am excited about this new opportunity!

Apr 14 2014

I had a decent day at Gopher Dunes in Courtland yesterday.  In the MX2 class I led the first moto until the final turn of the final lap  - I was passed just feet before the finish line and had to settle for second.  In the next MX2 moto a rider fell in front of me and I fell trying to get around him.  I fell to 32nd position but worked my way back up to 10th for an overall 6th place finish.  In School Boy I got 5th and 4th place finishes for an overall 5th.  I have work to do mentally but the hard work with my Personal Trainer over the winter has me in great physical condition.  The race for next weekend has been postponed because of poor track conditions.  I plan on some top three finishes in two weeks!  Thanks to all my sponsors for their support!

Jun 13 2013

After a tough weekend at Walton - our last Amateur National Qualifier - I finished in 7th position overall in the School Boy 12-16 I will be racing at The Walton TransCan .  I've accomplished this year's goal.  Next year my goal is to qualify for Loretta's!  I will be attending Thompson's MX school for Walton warm-up week in August and going to Tennessee to Travis Preston's warm up to Loretta's in July.  Should be a fun summer!  Many thanks to my sponsors for their help in helping me participate in a sport I love.

May 15 2013

I attended FAST Riding School at Shannonville Motor Park yesterday for a road course. The school is run my Michel Mercier, a former Canadian road race Champion.  I learned a lot about cornering and hope it will help in my motocross riding.

May 7 2013

CMX Spring Series results as of today - 250A - 4th in points and in Youth (14-29) - 6th in points. 

Apr 30 2013

After the first three Amateur National Qualifiers I am in 5th position for the School Boy class.  Last weekend at Motopark a rock hit my clutch finger so I missed two motos while I was at the hospital having it x-rayed.  I got back in time for the LCQ - which I won so I rode in the final with my sprained - not broken - finger.

Apr 22 2013

We had a PA day at school today so we went to Area 51 and rode for the day - love that track!  Got to try out the new 250.

Apr 10 2013

My Dad just picked up a new YZ 250 for me today!   Thank you to my new sponsor McKee Sport!

Apr 8 2013

Great riding  last weekend!  We went to Area 51 and rode all day Saturday and Sunday was the first CMX/CMRC practice at Gopher Dunes.  We tried out our new transponders and I had the fastest lap time of the Beginner and junior riders that were there. 

I will be riding Junior with CMRC at the first ANQ at Gopher Dunes on Sunday.

Mar 15 2013

I rode at Chesterman's indoor track in Tillsonburgh each Sunday in February and last weekend went to NEMX in Andover, Ohio.  Because the weather was so good they opened the outdoor track.  It felt great to be out on my bike again. 

Feb 2 2013

I've spent the last three weekend, and most nights after school, tearing apart both my race and practice bikes, replacing parts as necessary, and cleaning everything up - getting ready for the spring season.

I joined CMRC this year and I want to qualify to race at Walton.  It will be a challenge because I have to start in the Beginner class with CMRC and gather enough points to move up to Junior before I can race at Walton. 

The first qualifier race is April 8 - can't wait!