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Personal History

Hello ! My name is Kyle Knapp. I have been racing AMA District 6 Motocross since 1999. I am now twenty one years old and am desperately looking for a comeback. I have been a B rider since i was fifteen waiting for the confidence to turn A. Ive missed out on three seasons and i just cant stand to miss another. All i want to do is race the mainline series, point out, and most importantly prove to myself and everyone out there that i am a true A rider. I cant shine on the sidelines! My biggest goal in life is to get my pro license before i am twenty five. I didnt come all this way for nothing! All i can do is look up and keep positive! I just cant stop making motocycle noises in my sleep.

Riding Goals

One full season is all i need to turn A. My goal is to attend all of the races and push myself day in and day out all year. I am great at many things but motocross is where i want to shine. I am going to get my pro license before im 25.

Competitive Highlights

In 2000, I was a 3rd Place District 6 Harescramble Champion 60cc 10-11.

In 2001, I was a 1st place Harescramble Points leader at Flying Dutchman Motocross Park and 1st place Motocross Track Points Combined Sleepy Hollow Mx Flying Dutchman Motocross Park.

In 2004, i got a free RMZ 250 and pointed out of 125c my first year on the big scoot.

In 2005, i was Flying Dutchman Motocross Park Points Leader in SCHOOLBOY and 2nd Place in 125 B