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Personal History

I've grown up like every other kid not knowing for sure what I wanted to be when I grew up. My parents have divorced and I've been back in forth between them growing up. Everybody has their own outlets from life. I found mine when my first step father bought me a crf70 when I was 10. I honestly didn't even know what motocross was back then, but that was my way of leaving the stresses I had. My mom and step dad ended up divorcing and I woke up to my bike gone. Ever since then my dream has been to race and go pro and be at the top of the podium. Nearly 6 years of waiting went by and a good friend of mine had a pretty well kept1989 kx 125. I wanted that thing more than anything in my entire life! I ended up trading him a play station and a pair of nikes for the bike. I rode it until it blew up, I ha no idea what I was doing but I stripped down the engine and found things I thought were broken and replaced them and put it all back together. It started first mic and ran like a champ. my dad finally scraped up enough money to buy me an 02 cr125 and I started practicing in my buddy's backyard since I had nowhere else to ride. I started getting faster and faster and started getting my own style, I built a little arenaacross track where I had been riding and my passion for riding took off. since then i have have been acquainted with good people and have had the opportunity to help build our own arena cross type track. Due to financial issues I haven't even had a dependable bike to ride and am looking for as much support as I can to help back me as I  get to go to bigger and bigger races and events. Since the year is almost over Ill be in touch through this website. 

Questions or anything needed at all inbox me!

thanks guys!

Riding Goals

I have one goal. That is that no matter what I have to go through or how hard I have to push myself, I will make it to the top. 

Competitive Highlights