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Personal History

  I am a 39 yr old motorcyle rider who is passionate about riding and racing. I started riding at age 3 on the tank of my dad's Bultaco. At age 7 I started riding my own motorcycle. At that time we would ride about 5 times a year. As I got older we started to participate in family enduros with a goal of finishing the event. During my years as a teenager I also raced BMX at local races and nationals. I worked hard and achived the rank of 17 Expert. In my early twenties I waa able to support my passion for motorcycles and started to ride on a weekly basis. By my early thirties I was racing in the expert class in hare scramble races. I feel fortunate to be raised in Nothern California with such a wide range of different riding areas. Living here in Nothern California has allowed me to compete in the competetive AMA, District 36 series. I am currently a top A VET rider in District 36 with plans on continuing the advancement of my skills and level of racing. 

  When I am not riding my motorcyle I like to ride my mountain bike and learn new way's to increase my physical fitness. I work towards living a clean and healthy life style. By cross training on a mountain bike it helps me to increase my riding sikills and cardiovascular fitness. I find this pays off in the longer races when other rider's start to fade due to their level of fitness.

  I am also a Firefighter/Paramedic and have been involved in the fire service for twenty years at different levels. This has come in handy on the trail from time to time to help injured riders. I enjoy helping others when possible wehther it's a medical need or touble shooting their bike. As a Firefighter /Paramedic I have established programs to edeucate the public of our services thru advertisment. This has increased my profesional skills in representing the department I work for. I am also contiuning my education thru college courses and have plans on getting my BA.

  I also started a Facebook page called Kyle Smith's off road riding tips and info. This page provides readers with riding and fitness tips that I have and continue to acquire over the years of riding and racing.  Since starting the Facebook page I have been able to reach riders across the United States. I have also started a website called The website is similar to the Facebook page by providing free information to riders, but I am able to elaborate more on the subject matter. I have plans in the future to record videos of tips and interviews of top riders at some of the races I attend.

  My goal in life is to continue to keep increasing my skills and knowledge in my life. I also plan to keep riding into my 70's. My dad is in is 60's and still riding, Malcom Smith is in his 70's and still riding, and other people at District 36 events are still competing in their 70's as well.

  Lastly I would like to thank my sponsor 707 Suspension for providing me with high quality suspension that allows me to charge with confidence over any type of terrain and SRT racing for developing parts for my bike that will last due to constant abuse of riding on a weekly basis.

Riding Goals

  My goals for the upcoming season is to compete in all of the West Chec Enduro races and D36 enduro's. I see my self consistently being a top finisher in the Vet Expert class and placing in the top 10 overall. I will also be competing for points and rankings in AMA District 36 and 37 enduro series. Within both of these enduro series I plan on being a top ten finisher on a regular basis. I also plan on continual advancement of my riding skills, by riding on a regular basis and taking the oppurtunity to ride with various riders with different skills.  As for my long term goals as I retire  i will have the ability to travel the country and ride in various states and events. 

Competitive Highlights

  The high light's of my riding carrer is being a respected rider among my freinds in the Nothern California area. This list of freinds includes people of all ages and riding abilities, and has grown over thirty years of riding.  My other highlight's include finishing 9th 0verall for the 2012 D36 enduro series. I recieved a 8th place overall finish for the D37 enduro series for 2012. Lastly finishing 12th overall and 3rd in the vet class for 2012 West Chec enduro series.  For the 2011 AMA, District 36 enduro series I earned 21st overall. At the 2011 Virginia City Grand Prix. I started this race behind 430 other riders and finished in the top 50. I also placed 9th in the VET Expert class  during this race. In 2010 I finished 23rd overall at the Idaho City Qualifier and earned rankng of a silver. Winning the Tecate hare scramble in the 30-39 yr old sportmsman class in 2005 and 2006. In 2006, I battled back and forth for 2 plus hours with my freind for the win. In 2005 i placed 25th overall in the AMA, District 36 hare scrambles