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Rider Updates

Oct 3 2013

This past weekend was good and bad. On thursday night I got second in my class participating in my first enduro cross. I was pumped going into this weekends enduro. I have been training hard and in the best shape of my life. During the event I was on the gas putting in good results. Unfortunately in the 4th test of the day I broke the master link on my chain. I got it fixed and put my head down and charged. I wanted to salvage as many points as possible. I then got of course and missed the checkout of the final test of the day. This put me outside the top 25 overall. This year has been a struggle of freak mechanical issues happening. After looking at the results I would have been fourth overall, my highest score yet. This just motivates me to keep training for the next race. We all have bad years and this is mine. I am using this time to gain more experience and speed so I can be one of the top competitors next year. Watch out the K-Man is coming.

Aug 24 2013

Big Sky XC was a blast. A constantly technical course the whole race. I got to battle with my buddy Kevin Murphy for the whole three hours, we passed each other multiple times. In the end he beat me by 20ft. Great race!

Aug 4 2013

Great time racing in Colorado. Met some great people one was a couple that race the A class together. Good to see a family competing together and having fun. The course was fun with epic conditions.

Jul 7 2013

Good times racing in Hawaii. Unfortunately I got off the course multiple times and missed checks. This caused a me to think I would be disqualified. They ended up throwing the check out and I ended up towards the back. Frustrating to say the least. We got to ride another day in Hawaii with some locals what a good time. Approximately 30 miles in 7hours, it was all first gear single track. By the end of the day I felt like a trials rider.

Jun 12 2013

My MCL is recovering good. I have been putting in 2-2.5 hour workouts in to build up my strength and endurance for riding again. Looks like I will give riding a shot next week. Hopefully my knee feels strong for our next race on June 30th in Hawaii. Just shipped my bike today and we leave in two weeks. Until then I am riding my practice bike to get some sea time and build my riding strength and speed. Thanks to all of my sponsors for helping out and keeping me going. I am excited to land a sponsorship with MXD labs and their app. Now i can start recording my laps times and analyze my strengths and weakness within my program.

May 28 2013

Unfortunately while training for the Idaho City Qualifier I suffered a minor MCL injury. This is the year of adversity and overcoming it. Should be riding again within two weeks, but will not make it to Idaho. This only motivates me more for the next race to come out stronger. Stay tuned for results.

May 22 2013

Gorman round of the West Chec enduro series was cancelled due to a wildland fire. Took advantage of the situation to get additional riding in.

May 5 2013

Good times racing the Fools Gold Enduro. I ended up 4th in the AA class and 8th overall. Working towards a top 5 overall by the end of the year.

Apr 21 2013

 Had a good race at the Ghost Rider enduro down in Southern California. In the preliminary results it looks as if I got a third in my class and an eight overall. I was one wrong turn away from a first in class and a top five overall. At least I know I have the speed just need to make less mistakes. It is nice to see my training paying off.

Apr 15 2013

Unfortunately I had another DNF due to a mechanical problem resulting from dirt getting into my carburetor at the Sawmill enduro. The problem surfaced during my first special test. This caused me to run out of gas at the next special test. After the race I flushed and cleaned the carburetor about fifteen times to resolve the problem. The bike is good to go and I will be moving forward with my results and will be consistently battling it out with the top ten overall racers. On the positive side I got to spend a lot of time with the Arizona Trail Riders. Not only did this give me the opportunity to make friends, but promote my sponsors as well.

Apr 9 2013

Getting ready to head to Arizona for the next round of the West Chec Enduro series. I will then be staying in So Cal for the week to get in some riding with friends. Next weekend we will be racing the enduro in Red Mountain. Good times on the road racing and representing my sponsors.

Apr 7 2013

Fun time racing in the technical sloppy conditions at the Sawmill enduro. I was having a good day running in the top ten in the AA class when a branch pulled my fuel line off during a special test. This cost me ten minutes and points during the test knocking me out of the top ten. I got it fixed and caught back up to my row. Then on the last special test I finally ran out of fuel due to all of the gas I lost earlier. This cost me another 20 points. I think I ended up about 40th overall. But at leased I finished and did not give up on the day.

Mar 17 2013

Fun day of raining in Hollister Ca. I started of the day with a hotshot to my race. I led for the first loop until another rider past me me for the lead. At this point I settled into my pace and flowed through the trails. At the end of the three hour race I had given it 100%. I ended up second in my class and 20th overall. It was also a fun time meeting new people and bench racing about racing and riding.

Mar 4 2013

Good day of Racing with my teammates Sam Fuller and Danny Modica in the Barstow 200 team race. We ended up 3rd in the Pro 2 stroke class and 6th overall. Erik Kudla put on a great race with more races in the future.

Feb 3 2013

Great day of racing the Coyote Classic in Arizona. Great day of racing with a first place finish in my class and a 6th overall. The people in Arizona are really friendly and helpful. I even stuck my self with a cactus and they helped me get the quills out. Good times looking forward to when I return for the next enduro later in the year.

Jan 20 2013

Just attended the First race of the 2013 West Chec enduro series. Unfortunately  I DNF due to running out of fuel. While this is frustrating it is not the end. I made good use of my time by learning additional time keeping tips and building my desert racing experience. This is also a confidence booster that makes me hungry to do better at the next race. In one of the special test I posted the seventh fastest time of the day. To me this means I am a top ten rider that will be getting high sores in the future.

Dec 23 2012

 Just finished rebuilding my bike for the upcoming 2013 season. Within the last month I stripped my bike down to the frame and personally cleaned plus inspected every nut and bolt on the bike. This included splitting the cases,  inspecting plus replacing gears, seals and bearings as needed. 707 suspension revalved my suspension to adapt to my riding skills, plus they replaced all busing and seals as needed. I toped it off with a fresh set of graphics from Decal Works to promote all my sponsors for the new year.

Nov 14 2012

Great news I got 2nd in the Vet Class and 9th overall for the 2012 D36 Enduro Series. Time to run the AA class for next year. Thanks to all my sponsors; SRT, 707 Suspension, Matrix, Garnea, Twin Air, Cycra, AGV, Decal Works. Your products made it possible to get good results and stay in the race after taking hard crashes. Thanks again.

Nov 11 2012

Just finished racing the Buckhorn Enduro. What a great course, They had fresh cut single track that flowed over logs and rocks. I was slow to get going , but picked it up in the end. Results will tell.

Nov 3 2012

  What another great weekend with perfect conditions. Just finished racing the Cowbell enduro. I rode a strong race with minimal mistakes. I dropped a total of 6 points with the overall dropping 1. We will see how this shakes out for my place overall and in my class. The Cycra hand guards came in handy to day breaking thru the brush and keeping the water off of my controls due to the deep puddles.

Nov 1 2012

Just got the results for the 2012 West Chec Enduro series. I finished 12th overall and 3rd in the Vet class. I want to thank all of my sponsors for their support this year: SRT, 707 suspension, Cycra, Matrix, AGV, Decal Works, Garnea, Twin Air, Pirelli. Your support has been a big help and greatly appreciated. I will once again be competing in 2013. With the speed and skill I have gained over the last year I feel I will win the Vet class and be able to run in the AA class for 2014. Thanks again.

Oct 28 2012

  The Polka Dots MC put on a great enduro this weekend, not to mention the conditions were perfect. Unfortunatley at mile ten of the ninety mile race I hit a rock at about 45mph and got off hard. After slowly getting up I got going again and raced to the end. In the beginning it was slow going, but I gradually picked up my speed at the end of the event. Unfortunatley this cost me to many points. I ended up 22nd overall and 4th in my class. Follwing the race a friend pointed out that I had not only bent , but broke my rear wheel. I must says thanks to my sponsor SRT for making a wheel that continued to hold up after being broken by a rock. I feel other rims may have caused me a DNF. More importantly thanks to AGV helmets. When I crashed I hit my head and broke my visor. The AGV helmet deffinatley did it's job. Thanks again.

Oct 28 2012

What a great enduro the Polka Dots MC put on. Plus the conditions were awesome. I started the day of with a pretty good pace until I hit a rock at about 45 mph. This put me down pretty hard. I slowly remounted and continued to finish the rest of the race which was a 80 miles. As I got going this wrecked slowed me down mentally and cost me to get some points in the checks. As the day went on I was able to get back up to my race pace and charge again. In the end I dropped 11 points, broke my rear rim, bent my foot peg and its mounts, broke my visor, and lost a couple days of work due to a leg injury. Oh well we all have good days and bad one's. Plus I stayed in the points chase and did not DNF. The adventure should continue next weekend at the Cowbell enduro.

Oct 22 2012

I just recieved the good news that I finished 2nd in the Vet class and 8th overall for the 2012 D37 enduro series. Thank you to my sponsors for providing support throughout the year. Next year I will be sporting the letter and number G2  on my number plate for the D37 Enduro series.

Oct 21 2012

Good day of racing in the Mojave dessert. The Ghost Riders M.C. put on a good enduro where the first half required you to be a good time keeper, but required you to be a skilled rider in the second half. In the unofficial results I ended up 10th overall and 3rd in my class.

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