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Personal History

I currently live in Danville, IL and I attend Illinois State University.  My major is telecommunications and networking. I work as an electrician for Arc Electric and working on getting my electrical license in a few years. I will have both my college degree and electrical license. I played baseball since I was 6 years old, until two years ago. Baseball and racing collided many times, but baseball won the battle because I had college offers. I played two years of junior college baseball, and then decided it would be an overload with all the studying at the University. Where I am going with this story is I have wanted to race since I was 10 years old and baseball had held me back. Now that baseball is over I am going to race as much as possible. Riding my dirt bike is my favorite thing to do in my pass time. After a hard week of school, there is nothing better I want to do then fire up my bike and ride some trails. I study extra hard during the week so when the weekend comes I can free ride or race. Growing up my life was really good giving the circumstances. I was raised by my dad and he had to support my brother and I for the last 15 years.

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Riding Goals

Update: I decided to jump classes this year to Open A. All my friends and some people that are sponsoring me are saying I am wasting my time in Open B.

My Goal For 2009: Winning District 17's Open A Class