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Personal History


I am a highly competitive, passionate, and driven woman. If there is something I want to accomplish, I will work as hard as I possibly can and never give up until I reach my goals. Being confident and believing in yourself are the two most important aspects of racing.

I grew up playing in the dirt. I got my first dirtbike when I was 6 years old, a PW50. My dad owned a DRZ 400 Suzuki at the time and always thought I would love something with a motor. Was he ever right! I started racing that year and loved every heart pumping, adrenaline rushing minute of it. When I was 9, I moved up to a KX60 and broke my wrist the first day on it. However, that never stopped me from getting right back on after I got that bright pink cast removed.

Now 15 years later with a degree in elementary/special education, I have a love for teaching and helping students succeed in and out of the classroom. It is so important for students to have role models in their lives and I am honored to say that I am a positive role model for my students.

Mid-way through last season, I broke my wrist again....shattered it in three places, the scaphoid, ulna, and radius bones, after crashing on a jump. I had a 3 hour surgery to get 12 screws and a plate placed in my wrist, which will stay forever! It has been a long recovery, with months of physical therapy, however, it has not stopped my love for riding!

I currently own a 125 KTM and recently bought a 2005 YZ250F. I love riding, it's in my blood!




Riding Goals

I plan on racing in the Women's Class at the Mainline series and District 6 in Pennsylvania this upcoming season. One of my goals is to educate young girls about the sport of motocross and let them know that it's not just for boys.

Competitive Highlights

Coming soon!