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Rider Updates

Jun 4 2019

Race season is going well so far placing in the top 3 at most of my races. We are currently competing in the MXC, OMA, and WFO race series.  Our next race is June 9 with the WFO series as they stop at Atkinson, Illinios.

Feb 3 2018

Finished the WFO harescramble series with a 2nd place overall out of 24 riders for 2017. Thank you to my 2017 sponsors - @Protaper @Scott goggles @MSR hardparts

Nov 6 2017

Two weeks until the final WFO series race of the 2017 season - Keithsburg, Illinios


Rochelle is currently sitting in second place with only a 7 point lead over third. Its going to come down to this final race to decide if she will be able to hold on to it. 

Oct 4 2017

Current WFO point series to date has Rochelle sitting in 2nd place with two races left to go

1) Ashly Hall 215
2) Rochelle Longstreth  126
3) Emily Linderman 120
4) anisa johnson 2 102
5) missy norton  101
6) Susan creek 92
7) Allie roland  90
8) Darcie Graham 76
9) Allison Lentz  84
10) tara adams  61
11) Brittany Grubaugh  60
12) Angie Nelson  25
13) michelle dalton  21
14) emma jensen  16
15) Taylor Weirup  15

Oct 4 2017

This is where it all began one year ago. My first race ever was here at Geneseo where I only made one lap and couldnt make it up the big hill.

This was a tough weekend of racing, but so much fun was had. I participated in  two days of  hare scramble racing held by the WFO. This event was held in Geneseo, Illinios. It was a tough field of women ranging in age from 16 to ladies in there 50's. 

On Saturday, I had a decent start running 3rd of 7 riders for most of the race. Toward the end I slipped back to 5th. I finished the day in this position. I completed two laps on the day

On Sunday the field was larger as it was also part of the Fox valley harescramble series pulling female hare scramblers and motocrossers out of the Chicago  area. The field was 11 riders deep. I once again had a decent start . We were all very close through out the race exchanging positions back in forth. Ended the day 8th out of 11 racers and completed 3 laps on the same datys previous course.

With two races left in the series I have been able to still hold on the 2nd place overall in the series.  Next race we go to Wedron, Illinios out by Chicago - will be a tuff field of ladies again.

Rochelle Longstreth



Sep 24 2017

One week out from resuming the WFO series for a 2 day race in Geneseo, Illinios

Aug 7 2017

Four races left in the WFO race series and Rochelle is currently sitting in Second place in the points series. Next race is Geneseo, Il on Sept 30, 2017

Name points Total  Series Calc
Ashly Hall  131
Rochelle Longstreth   97
Emily Linderman   91
missy norton  80
Darcie Graham   76
Allison Lentz   72
anisa johnson   65
Brittany Grubaugh   60
Allie roland   60
Susan creek   53
Angie Nelson  25
tara adams   51
michelle dalton   21
emma jensen   16
Taylor Weirup   15

Jul 30 2017

Byron, Illinios - finished 7th

   Track was greasy and deep rutted. There was a couple of motocross sections that made the day fun. After all the dust settled I finished 7th on the day.


Jul 9 2017

Spraugeville Hare scramble - The course was short but very technical with several very long rocky descents. I dropped the bike more than a few times in these sections. Finished the race; but must say it was not our favorite course.

5th for the day - continue to accumulate points. Currently moved into 2 place overall in the WFO hare scramble series and am 7th out of 17 in points for the District 17.


About half-way through the season and feeling really good for my first year.



Jun 11 2017

We made the 3 hour trip to Chandlerville, Illinios to compete in round #5 of the WFO race series. Weather was a very toasty 91 degree.

Rochelle had a decent start in the womens class going into the turn about 3rd place. The dusty conditions made it extremely difficult to navigate.  Once into the timber section conditions improved a bit. The pace was fast with lap times around 12 minutes.

Rochelle ran very consistent with only one mishap with a tree resulting in bent bark buster. Finishe 5 out of 9 today.

Next race is  Round #6 of the WFO series in Atkinison, Il. on June 25



May 5 2017

Roselawn race a bust - Bikes loaded, gear loaded on our way for the the 4 hour trip to Roselawn Indiana for the two day race being put on by the WFO harescramble series. We were about an hour into the trip when the truck made a cluck noise and then started to deccelerate. I looked down and had a flashing red lightning bolt thing on the console. Grrrr...Made a call to our mechanic friend ..he suggested shutting truck off and restarting and it might reset it. This worked. We made a family decision to turn back as opposed to having it fail and then having to have it towed. Found out the next morning that our trucks ETC (Electronic throttle control) went on the blitz and it was going to be a couple of days to get parts for it.

 This was huge bummer as we had not only missed two days of racing, but also two days of points towards the championship. Next WFO points  race is to not be held until June.


Believe we are going to try to travel to Memphis, Missouri for the OMA Nationals

Apr 16 2017

Good day at the MXC race in Prophetstown - Took home a 1st place plaque.


Next competition will be the WFO Hare Scramble 2 day Event to be held in Roselawn, Indiana

Apr 15 2017

Will be racing at round #4 of the  OMA/MXC-phophetstown on Sunday

Apr 9 2017

Glasford race canceled due rain out. Will be looking for alternative

Apr 2 2017

     Rochelle and myself took the bikes out to the Iowa OHV park located just outside of Solon today. Goal was to practice riding in the mud as the next couple races most likely will involve riding in it. We both had a lot fun and are much more comfortable if we should have to confront those conditions.  Lots of bikes and atv’s out riding at this park today. We were able to represent your brand products and suggest their usage for quality and dependability.

Next race in WFO race series has been moved to Glasford, Il. On April 9th



Mar 24 2017

Recieved new Decal Works plate today and installed them with ease following the instructions. The new plates look great, brilliant colors, and accent the bike.

Mar 19 2017

WFO Keithsburg – Round Two

Starts are still a work in progress for Rochelle . But what she is lacking there she is making up once she gets the bike moving. She was toward the back off the line but quickly moved up to the front. She was smooth and carried good speed. Unfortunately, She hit a sand trap section early into the woods that sent her into a tree before she could save it.

This wreck caused damage to the front brake rotor making the wheel difficult to turn. We ran back to the pit area and grabbed some wrenches. We were able to bend it back enough the she could make it back out on to the course . We had lost to much time for her to salvage a top finish but could get the valuable points towards the championship race.

A lot of valuable experienced gain and proud she did'nt give up

Next race April 9th - WFO Hare Scramble - Plainview

Mar 5 2017

WFO Keithsburg – Round One

What a great ride it was. She made back to the check station and had finished third for the day in the first race of the year.

Rochelle has definitely a improved as a rider since last season and 100% improved from learning to ride a motorcycle let alone race one since last June.  We are pleased with the success today has brought and look forward to compete again in two weeks time.

Class Points Finish Laps Time Number First Last City State Brand
Women 25 2 3 60.42 499 ASHLEY HALL CANTON IL HUS




Feb 25 2017

The start of the race season is about one week away with the opening round of the WFO harescramble at Keithsburg, Illinios.

We have purchased a newer bike for Rochelle to compete on this year. A 2011 KX250F with a rekluse clutch, oversized tank, and steering dampener on it. Her turns seem to have smoothed out with the switch to the four stroke and Rekluse. She will use the yz250 two stroke as a backup or when the condition are right as a primary.

Rochelle has been powerlifting three times a week and riding on Sundays in preparation for the upcoming season

The Longstreth Family would like to thank MSR Hard parts, Protaper, SCOTT USA,  and RideLiveBe for their support in the 2017 season

Jan 8 2017

It's winter in the Midwest; but that doesn't mean getting out and practicing stops. Rochelle and myself loaded the bike up and headed it to Keithsburg, Il. for some sand riding. Spent two hours out in the 18 degree weather the day provided. It was very refreshing to be on the bike training instead of in the gym doing cardio and weights