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Rider Updates

Apr 19 2007

After missing the race last week at lazy river, I can't wait to race this weekend at Echeconnee. I have never been to this track, but from pictures I've seen it looks really cool. I hope everyone rides hard and stays safe!

Mar 25 2007

We went to Mcrae Ga to Pecan Valley Mx Park this past weekend for round 2 of the Boss series. The track was really cool, but they had a problem watering the track and it was really wet in some spots and really dusty in others. I finished fourth overall and had a great time. I can't wait for round 3.

Mar 13 2007

I raced my first AMA race at Hillbilly Hills this past weekend and it was great. It was awesome to see how many riders showed up. The competition was really tough, and I was very happy to finish in the top five. I can't wait for the next race at Pecan Valley. Hope to see everyone there.

Mar 7 2007

Since finishing the winter series at High falls, we have raced at Mx of Marion Co. in Florida.The track was totally different from anything I have ever raced. I couldn't believe how rough the sand can get, but it was really fun learning to ride on a new kind of dirt.
This weekend we are going to HillBilly Hills for the first time. I can't wait!