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Personal History

My name is Landon Nowak and I am from Cheshire Massachusetts. I am a 10-year-old boy who loves to ride my dirt bike. I am a straight a student in school. I race eight out of 12 months throughout the year. My parents Trista and aaron pack the camper every weekend and we travel all around New England with my dog Deegan. I raise three different circuits. I do a motocross circuit at Winchester. I also do the JDay circuit and New York off road circuit which are both GPs. 

Hi all!! Just an update on my 2020 season!! Throughout all the chaos in the world this season I managed to race a whole circuit!! I ran the JDay circuit and finished 3rd overall out of 30 in the 65cc class!!! We travelled farther than usual and got to race some tracks I’ve never been before!! I also got to squeeze in some Winchester MX races in between!! I’m rather small for my age so I should be moving up to an 85 this year but my height is holding me back!! Who knows I could be the next Ricky Carmichael!! 

Hi all!!! Wow! Can’t believe I started with MX sponsers 4 years ago already making me 14 now! I’ve come a long way since then with a lot of hard work! I now race in the super mini class on a KTM 112. I love it! I’m currently racing Jday still and have thrown some full on moto in the mix which is where I tend to do my best! 

Riding Goals

I’ve set a few goals for myself over the next few years. The biggest one is that I will someday make it to Loretto Lynn’s. I would also like to win a championship title in my class.