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Rider Updates

Jun 24 2015

Looking forward to making the trip to multiple Canadian round over the next couple of months. 

Jun 24 2015

Looking forward to making the trip to multiple Canadian round over the next couple of months. 

Apr 5 2015

Bike is out getting all done up thank you Gregg Lynks for the great work you do!!

Jun 30 2014

Raced the gold cup at Hemonds Mx track in Minot Maine the 28th and 29th, in the Open B class went 1st, 2nd, 1st for a 1st over all, the 450B class 2nd, 2nd, 1st, for a 1st over all! was a great weekend!

Jun 30 2014

Has been a tough 10 month, with a broken collar bone in August of 2013, found out the same day  I was a hired gun for the 2013 Vurb Classic. In Jan of 2014 I injured my shoulder causing me to have to have surgery in Feb. Healing up good and back at it! Hitting the gym with a personal trainer has been a great help!

Aug 5 2013

Practiced this pass weekend with Smitty and my sister. Put in some good solid laps. 

Jul 20 2013

Raced at the Maine State Championship had a good weekend, still getting use to the 4 stroke. Hoping for a good race season on the new bike.

Jul 6 2013

Raced NESC at Mx 207 on my new bike. I am now riding a Suzuki RMZ 450. Won both my classes. Trying to get use to riding a 4 stroke. 

Jun 15 2013

Raced the New England Classic at Hemonds mx track in Minot Maine. Got some good moto finishes till I blew up my Yamaha yz 250, Thankful I was able to put my suspension on  my sisters yz 250 and finish my motos.

May 6 2013

What a good weekend 5/4 & 5/5..Raced Nema on Saturday and Nema & MMS combined on Sunday at Mx207 in Lyman Maine! got a couple hole shots, Had good motos .


Apr 28 2013

Raced NESC at Mx 207..54 bike in the 250 lites B class. Lucky me got to start in the back row! Not the best start. But finished 10th over all.

Took a 4th over all in the 450 B class. Raced with 28 riders.

Apr 21 2013

Had a great day of practice with my sister Brittany. Getting ready for my first race With NESC at Mx-207 next weekend!!


Apr 7 2013

Went to MX- 207 for their opening day of practice. Track was great..As always! Have a good day, Put in some good laps with Connor Rowe.

Mar 30 2013

Had a great day of practicing at Winchester Speed Park . Felt great to be back on the bike! Good start o a great season.

Mar 2 2013

I heard that Mx 207 is hoping to be open by the end of the month!  Seems early...But that would be great!!

Sep 3 2012

Practicing at Mx 207..Had to ride the 4 stroke. Morning was going good till I landed on my front tire over the spectators jump, went over the bars and the bike came down on me. Ambulance ride, Surgery, and 5 1/2 weeks off from racing.

May 5 2012

Running 1st in 250B class 2 la0ps to go got a flat!

Took 2nd over all in the 450B class.

Mar 17 2012