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Personal History

Ny name's Larry Tabb im 22 year's old and I race a 2006 Suzuki LTR-450, I started racing when I was 19 and this is the beggining of my 3rd season ever racing and well so far it's had it's up's and down's, I have learned alot so far and won the C Quad championship in 2009 but had a sit back this year as I lost my job and my new Quad I bought tore up right after I got it and it took us forever to figure out what it was but we have now and im ready for a rejouvenated 2011 and I feel like Im continuing to grow and get better as a rider, I race at Ballance MX, 800 MX, Blackrock MX, Oak Hill MX, Little Sturgis MX, Some Fair races and Nationals, and occasionally at KY ST. TBG series race's, im trying to race as many races at as many different place's as I can this year to get as good as I can get as fast as I can get bc I know I had a late start in racing but Im taking motocross racing very series and im very competitive and I want to become one of the best motocross racer's in the country, this year I will take the next step and move into A Quad and race that class to continure to grow as a rider, I love to raceing quad's and although Id like to finish first every race as long as im racing im having a blast

Riding Goals

Well my goal for this year is to keep getting better and to break into finishing top 3 every race atleast, I just bought me some stuff for my quad that will hopefully help me out alot so we will see how that goes, I am moving to A Class Quad in my 4th Season to further progress and continue to grow as a rider to better propare myself for tougher competiton, The main series race's I will be running are the KY ST. & American Bluegrass Series, the KY ST. Indoor Series, the Mid-America Arenacross Series, and the Blackrock MX Series, 800 MX Series & Oak HIll MX Series, im also going to try and run other race's/series depending on the race schedule's of everywhere I race, Im wanting to run Nationals atleast twice maybe 3 or 4 time's next year, definitely at Ballance and Loretta Lynn's but also maybe at Alabama and Blountville

Competitive Highlights

One race that I raced this past year I had a nasty Crash in practice and I severly bruised my hipbone and kidney and tailbone and had broke my shifting rod so my quad was stuck in 2nd gear on a supercross style track but even though i had all of that i still raced the heat race and main and in the heat i took 2nd out of 5 and in the main i had a bad start but ran with everyone consistently the whole race but had a bad start and ended up taking 8th out of 12 overall, and at National's this year I was in 2nd place the whole race in Production C @ the Ballance MX race until the last lap and I crashed and ended up finish 9th place bc I had trouble getting my Quad started back up then the next day I crashed at the beggining of the race and came back from last place to still finish pretty good