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Personal History

I am a 21 year old girl living in Columbia, Missouri. I go to the University of Missouri and am a senior. I study quite often and am majoring in Education teaching Special Education. I am very nice and I get along with everyone (I even chat with a few people at the starting line). My free time activities include: running, soccer, working out, skiing, painting and generally helping others in any way. My first two years of college I was a mentor to high school aged girls through a Christian ministry called Young Life. I provide child care, clean houses and tutor during my spare time. I race in the sportsman class for an orginization called Forward Motion Harescramble Series Circuit ( I have been racing and competing for 10 years now. I have been riding for about 12 years. I have quite a few friends in the racing world. My fiance is even one of my competitors, however, he races in the A class.

Riding Goals

For the 2012 season, I plan on making it to as many races as I can. Unfortunately, my apartment cannot hold my KTM and it is currently sheltered in Shawnee, Kansas with my family. This means that I cannot ride as often as I would life and most races are hours away from my current place of residence. Regardless, I want to do well at every race I can. I plan on making top ten in my class every race and by the end of the season be able to move up to the next class- C.

Competitive Highlights

I began in the peewee class merely to enjoy the act of racing competitively. I really started to feel the competition when I moved up to the juniors and won a few races. The end of my season in the juniors, I was third in the class. After I moved out of the house to continue my education at college I was unable to race and ride as often. Regardless, I have made top ten in my class a few races in the past years but it has been difficult attaining points and finishing well overall.