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Personal History

My name is Leah Raines. I eat, sleep. and breathe dirtbikes.  I'm 11 years old and race a 2006 Kawasaki KX85.  I would love to be considered to be part of your sponsorship program.

Due to the bad economy and the price of the sport, we all know that any help along the way would really be helpful.  I would be a great asset to your team because I work hard to perform my best at all times.  I love the sport an I am very competitive so I push myself to improve daily.  I love to advertise for my sponsors.  I have seen your logos, shirt decals, riding gear, and graphics.  They are the sweetest looking thing out there.  I would be very honored to put your graphics on my bike, wear your gear, and post your stickers all over as well!  I'm willing to make your team proud, so whatever you require of your team members, I am willing to do.

This is my 2nd season ever sitting on a dirtbike and I will let the results speak for themselves!  In my short racing career, I have accomplished more than most.  My biggest accomplishment is that I qualified for Loretta Lynn's National Championship 2013 on my 1st attempt.  What an awesome experience!!! I finished 10th overall out of 28 girls.  In 2012, I finished 2nd overall in the Noertheast Offroad Championship advancing to a new class.  In 2013 I finished 4th overall in the NEOC.

Riding Goals

My #1 goal for  2014 is to qualify in 2 classes which would be the 9-11 girls and 10-11 85 class at Loretta Lynn's National Championship.  Along that road, I would love to pick up some major sponsors to represent in my quest to be the best that I can be.  To accomplish this I would like to practice my heart and soul out and learn as much as I am able too.

Competitive Highlights

Well i think one of my best highlights are grabben seven of the nine hole shots and have completed in the top three every race. I have raced on grass tracks, sand tracks, and rocky mountain tracks. I love every second of it.

2013 Loretta Lynn's Championship was my greatest accomplishment!!!