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Personal History

My racing career results:-

  • 2003- NORA MX (national offroad racing association) Viper challenge 90cc stock- 8th
  • 2004- NORA MX 85cc modified 6th
  • 2005- NORA MX 85cc modified 2nd (2 point difference) (5/10 national wins
  • 2006- NORA MX 200cc standard- injured- best result 1st
  • 2007- NETT (North east MX) 100cc modified geared champion (won every event with exeption of 2 due to mechanical problems) and Quad racing scotland 100cc geared champion.
  • 2008- Quad racng scotland 250 open champion, NETT 4th 250 open.
  • 2009- Several Scottish and north east wins (couldnt commit due to financial issuses) 250 british open round 1- 3rd place. Cardenden mx- 4th overall on 250 in adult pro 450 class.
  • 2010- Aim for top 10 in 450 adult championship and Pro British qualifiers


About me


I am currently attending Holy trinity 6th form college studying english language, ICT, Sociology and Psychology.

I like to exercie regularly as i enjoy it and it helps me with my race fitness. I attend a gym  at least 3 times per week. I also go cyling and running when i can. I also enjoy being with friends and family and relaxing.

I would describe myself as a genuine, hard-working and outgoing person and a perfectionist. I always try me best in everything i do. Quad racing is my passion and everything i do is to benefit it.

I started riding when i got a suzuki lt50 for christmas at the age of 4. I just rode for fun up until i was 10, when i got a Viper 90 for Christmas annd competed in my first race in March the following year in which i took 8th overall out of 28. From that day on i was hooked.

At the age of 11 i lost my Mother to lung cancer which drove me further to give my absolute all and achiieve my full potential in my sport. I progresses through the youth ranks and have had some fantastic achievements and memories and i feel i have matured as a person and a rider. With the small amount of sponsorship i have had from local companies i feel i have represented them well and given them the recignition and support they deserve.

Riding Goals

I will be entering the NETT and Scottish championships in the Adult championship class (equivilent to Adult A/Pro) i hope to get a top 10 finish in 2010 and be consistantly in the top 5 towards the end of the season.

I will also be competing in the Maxxis British ACU quad crross championship in the qualifiers class in order to entr the pro british championship in 2011. Again, i aim to get a top 10 finish and be consistantly in the top 5 towards the end of the season.

Competitive Highlights

  • 2005- 5/10 National wins
  • 2005- fastest lap on 85cc air cooled against 100cc liquid cooled class
  • 2006- 1st place on 1st race on 200cc
  • 2007- QRS, SACU and NETT championwon all rounds entered (exept from 2 due to mechanical problems)
  • 2008 QRS and SACU Scottish 250 open champion
  • 2009- 4th Adult pro class on 250cc. Faster laps than leader in Adult support classes by up to 5 seconds.