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Personal History

Fashion today is not just about clothes. Fashion has become a way of self-expression, identity through the wearer's clothing. So, why should we care how a celebrity chooses to dress? Above all, what are the fashion trends that we regularly update? Where did it originate? And what is the impact? Fashion trend occurs when a style, a particular clothing expression, is accepted, liked and introduced by a group of people at a time in a certain area. The concept of fashion trends has been around for a long time. Exactly from the 14th century, when the social classes updated their dress trends to show their wealth and status. If a person shows up with new clothes every few months, or every few weeks, then they are definitely someone with " Áo gia đình " a lot of money. Dressing like royalty and aristocrats also satisfied the desire of the "Cinderella dream" of the common people. Therefore, the costumes worn by the royal family also became a trend. Cyclical fashion trends are divided into several phases. Start with the introduction of the trend and end with the outdated. The cycle can be divided into 4 or 5 stages as follows: Birth of fashion trends. First wave of growth: When a trend is driven by a number of pioneers. The peak of a fashion trend occurs when it reaches mass popularity. Now the fashion industry is exploiting this trend in large numbers. Not only luxury brands but also popular products are trending. Popularity started to decline. The pioneers have turned to a different trend. Now only a few of the latecomers are left to experiment with the current trend. Obsolete. The last step of the cycle is elimination. However, due to the cyclical nature of fashion, it is possible for a trend to make a comeback after being considered obsolete.

The corset style was popular in the 16th and 17th centuries, but in the 20th century, the corset received a huge boycott, people advocated to free the female body from the oppressive corsets. Up to now, after the movie Bridgerton premiered, corsets have gradually returned. From left: Gucci x Adidas, Balmain, Christian Dior. The cyclical nature of the current fashion trend is showing quite clearly. Designers and brands are borrowing inspiration from past decades and adapting to modern life. Outfits that were deemed " Áo đồng phục gia đình " a decade ago are making a comeback on the runways in recent years. Trend forecasting is so important that it has become a profession. Famous designers, journalists, and photographers depend on these forecasters to determine the next trendy style. Currently, in the apparel industry, fashion trends can be seen as the backbone of the industry. Fashion trends are influenced by many factors. Including celebrity outfits, by big fashion brands, fashion shows… In addition, fashion trends can completely come from street style, from cultural products. popularization (such as music, movies) and from the lives of young people. Many current trends come from the collections that designers introduce on the runway. Especially at major fashion weeks like Milan, Paris, London and New York. A recent trend that can be mentioned is the super short skirt from the Spring Summer 2022 collection of the fashion house Miu Miu. Designer Miuccia Prada brought the icon of the 60s back to the catwalk in a new, bolder way. And from here, the wave of super-short skirts began to spread across the runways of other fashion houses.

The designers bring the collection with the latest trends that are expected to make waves all over the world. The world of graves everywhere turned their attention to the runway. They observe what people will wear in the next season and need to add to their wardrobe. The term “ đồng phục gia đình ” has become very popular lately. True to its name, this fashion style was born from the street, different from the flashy catwalks. Street style is everywhere and, of course, can be the source of a trend. One of the reasons street style is so easy to trend is because street style is ready-to-wear by nature. They are simpler, easier to apply, easier to find and follow when compared to fashion on the catwalk. On the street, seeing a person with an attractive taste in clothing, we are easily inspired, imitate and spread it. Street fashion is synonymous with "casual" clothes and is easy to find anywhere. For example, when artists take to the streets, people are also interested in what they will wear in their daily lives. Photos of celebrities walking around the streets, going to the airport, eating with friends and their outfits will quickly be seen.