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Rider Updates

Jan 3 2010

Wrecked hard over Thanksgiving break and fractured my collar bone.  Finally back on a bike this weekend and it feels good.  Raced at Woodland today.  Not too many riders, but lots of time of the bike.  Took 1st in moto 1 and 2nd in moto 2 for 2nd overall. 



Oct 28 2008

I raced at Woodland on Sunday and finished 2nd in the first moto and 1st in the 2nd moto for a 1st place overall finish.  The track was awesome!  Here I am with my friend Hunter - He got 2nd place. 

Oct 19 2008

I finished the season in the 4-6 year old class on my Cobra last Sunday.  I placed 2nd overall behind my good buddy Ethan.  I am moving up to the 7-8 year old class and I got a King Cobra.  I will be racing the series at Clark County Fairgrounds this winter.  I am really excited.  My 2 best buddies who are in the picture are in to racing now, so we all get to go together and hang out.  It is lot's of fun! 

Aug 14 2008

Raced Washougal last Sunday and took second.  Feels good to be back on a bike! 

Jul 24 2008

Fractured my foot and the doc said no riding until I could walk without a limp.  My parents are taking my sister and I to disneyland instead and I will start riding again when I get back home.  I'm going to try for Tennessee next year.



Jul 15 2008

My foot is still not getting any better from my crash last week.  I will know tomorrow if I have a hairline fracture and if it will need to be casted...hope not....we aer heading out for Loretta's on Friday!

Jul 7 2008

Yesterday my dad took me over to his friends house to ride and I was trying to clear a tabletop and didn't have such good luck.  I ended up crashing pretty hard and hurt my foot.  We are pretty sure it is just bruised.  I missed the points race at Washougal today.  Bummer....I scared my mom really bad too!