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Personal History

I have been riding since I was five years old and have loved it from the beginning. Over the years my bikes grew and so did my passion for the sport. I have been to a few races in the past and loved everything about it. I want to get more into competing in the MIssouri state races this year and being sponsored would really help out a lot. Recently I have had to buy the riding gear and parts for my bike and it has been kinda hard to afford all of it but I have worked hard to be able to pay for it all myself. Motocross is high up on my priories and I have been training with my friends and the help of my family to prepare me for the completion I will face during the races. I hope to have a good season this year with the help of s sponsor. 

Riding Goals

My main goal every time I go riding is to just have fun. Motocross is a sport I love and enjoy and as long as I’m haveing fun I’m always happy. This year I want to compete in the MIssouri state races. I want to be able to devolve my riding abilities in hopes to move up a class at the end of the season so I can race novice next year. I want to become a better tidier and get to know more people who share the same passion as myself. I also want to get a sponsor to help me reach these goals so i will have a better chance of achieving my dreams.

Competitive Highlights

I have been to a couple races in the past and the most recent one was in moberly MIssouri on sepetember 17 2017 in which I raced in the 250 beginner class and  placed first and fourth for and overall of third place. I have also been going out to ride at fingerlakes state park to practice and train for the upcoming races this season. I don’t have a whole lot of real racing experience but I hope to gain some this season. However I ride with friends and family a whole lot and we compete like it’s the real deal pushing each other to the limits to get better. My cousin I ride with races quite a bit and is in the 250 c class and has been helping me prepare for what there is to come this season.