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Personal History

My name is Lex Orr, I'm a 12 year old 7th grader from Brownsburg West Middle School.  My favorite sports are Motocross, Supercross, and riding my bicycle.  Favorite hobbies are drawing, making trails in woods, R/C Cars, playing Xbox and Playstation 4.  Although i like to do these things at home and or around the house.  I follow MX and learn a lot from my parents which are big fans and supporters of the sport.  My family started a small motorcycle repair shop this past year so I'm constantly in the shop learning new things whether its tire changes to top end and clutch rebuilds.  Anything to help me in the long run and to possibly make me a better knowledgeable rider.

Riding Goals

To be the best possible rider i can be with the limited time i have on the bike.  Between school and living at two different households, its tough to balance it all out and try to get as much seat time as possible so i can compete at a decent level.  Ultimate goal is to ride and race enough so I could earn a spot on a amateur race team and/or factory ride.  To be able to compete in a Supercross Futures race or being able to qualify for Loretta Lynns would be a highlighted goal in my book.  

Competitive Highlights

Highlight for this year in 2021 was racing the Ironman National in Crawfordville, Indiana right down the street from our house.  To be on the same gate and same track that the pros raced on Saturday and being able to race Sunday was a thriller and a goal in my book.  The track was brutal but yet fun and being able to jump some of the jumps was awesome,  I hope to do more of these races in the future and expand my horizons.