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Personal History

I am the fourth child in a family of 5 kids. My dad is a hard worker and I grew up going to his warehouse and working with him. I learned how to ride a two wheel bike at the age of  2 , I've been driving a forklift since I was 5, and I went to Spain at age 9 (with the recommendation of 2 American coaches) to play soccer with Real Madrid.  On that trip I met 4 famous players and lived on campus for almost a month.  I was used on their Instagram and Facebook page.  What I learned on that trip was anyone who works hard will get places - it just depends on the day and who shows up.  I work hard in everything and always show up.  I am intense, obsessive, and detailed oriented. I believe I have what it takes to be a professional by nature and represent a company in anything I take interest in.  I lived in Rancho Cucamonga,CA  until my family moved back to Chicago in 2015. I know Glen Helen and want to work hard to get back there as a rider. 

 My mom is a rowing coach, my sister (age 20) is a horse polo player in California (she works for one of the governors of the USPA).  My parents let her home school and move out her junior year of high school to go with her coach because they believed in her.  Now that my other brothers are ready for college (ages 18, 17) my parents are able to give attention to my dream of riding.  I have a very supportive family.  We used to have a lot of money, but my dad's business was affected with industry changes back in 2015.  We never got sad, we just work harder.  I need to succeed and think the challenges we've had are putting on my own path of success.

Riding Goals

My ultimate goal is to become a 450 cc class champion.  I most resemble Eli Tomac in my riding style.  I can comprehend any circumstance and turn it into a win. An attainable goal would be to qualify for Loretta Lynn's in this next year.  After that, I would like to get a factory racing team contract.