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Personal History

I'm 17, live in Philpot, Kentucky, and i love motocross. I'm a senior at Daviess County High School. When I'm not racing or practicing, i enjoy riding pitbikes, riding bmx, and playing airsoft with my friends .I got my first bike, a crf50, in 2000. I rode my 50 with my dad until 2003, when i got a brand new crf70. In 2004, me and a couple of my friends started racing our 70s at a local fair track. Then in 2005 I got a kx65 and raced it locally and in part of the Kentucky/Indiana state series. Then in 2007, i got a new yz85 and raced four classes every other weekend in the Kentucky/Indiana state series where I earned a couple seconds overall. In 2008 I was too old for the 65 class and moved on to 85 Sr and Supermini where i earned a third and fifth overall finishes. In 2009 I went to an FCA motocross camp and have been improving my riding ever since. I have seven dirt bikes, five are Yamahas, and i mostly ride three; a 2003 YZ125, a 2009 YZ85, and a 2012 TT-R110. I have been to a few amateur nationals in the past years and qualified for Loretta Lynns Regionals. When i comes to my gear, i love Leatt and the only boots i wear are Gaernes. BRAAAAAPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!

Riding Goals

Next year i plan to qualify for Loretta Lynns in 2-Stroke ,250 C, or Open C

Competitive Highlights

2010:qualified and raced at Ponca City Grand National Championship.

2011:finished 13th in 85/150 stk.14-16 and 13th in 85/150 Mod. 14-16 at Branson MX National Championship.

2012: qualified for Loretta Lynns Regional Qualifier in Supermini 2 and finished 26th.

2012: finished 3rd in both 85stk thru 16 and 85mod thru 16 at Branson MX National Championship.

2013: qualified for 2 regions for Lorettas after going to only 3 area qualifiers.