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Personal History

I started riding when i was 4 and started racing when i was 5 and i did really good i traveld around the country racing mainly the east coast and as far west as Texas at 1 point when i was on 50s everything was going good posting some good finishes at national events and i had support from Cobra,Thor and other companies and everything went off the rails as i was transitioning to 65 around 2009 and 2010 when my parents split up and that brought my racing to a close. I was able to ride here and there but because i wasn't able to to make national races due to my family's situation i lost everything that i loved and worked for and my dream of being a professional motocross rider went out the door, so this went on for nearly 3 almost 4 years and now I'm trying to catch back up and it is very challenging to say the least. I have a friend/ mechanic who's been helping me for the last couple of years with bike's and getting me to the races and my dad has been helping me also but the financial aspect of racing still makes it hard to get back to where i was previously but i try to stay positive and keep trying.

Riding Goals

My riding goals for 2018 is to continue to improve. 2017 was a pretty successful year for my racing i was struggling with arm pump and some bike issues from Loretta Lynn's on but i still had top 10 finishes at 3 amateur national's in 2017 and i was pretty happy with that i know where my weaknesses are at the national level so it's time to get back to work.

Competitive Highlights

8 time AMA/NMA Champion 3 times at Loretta's 2007-3rd overall 2008-11th overall 2009-9th overall Best moto finish was 2nd Mini'O i won a couple motos and best overall was 2nd a couple of times 2015 Kawasaki Race of Champions Englishtown 4th overall in 125 2stroke 2016 Loretta Lynn's NE and SE area and regional qualifiers i had some top 5 finishes with some 10 overall due to bad starts 2016- Walton Trans Canadian Amateur National first national in 6 years i had 8th place finishes in Schoolboy's 1 and 2 2017- Loretta Lynn's in schoolboy 2 26-DNF-21 bike issues all week 2017- Baja Brawl 450B 6th 450B Limited 5th Schoolboy 2 4th 2017- Kawasaki Race Of Champions Englishtown New Jersey 450B 2nd 2017- Kawasaki Race Of Champions Englishtown New Jersey Ironman race 4th 2017- Thor Winter Olympics Mini-Os SX 450B Limited 8th 2017- Thor Winter Olympics Mini-Os SX 450B 9th 2017- Thor Winter Olympics Mini-Os SX 450B Limited 10th 2017- Thor Winter Olympics Mini-Os MX Collageboy 16-24 7th