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Personal History

Hi, my name is Logan Millison 44M.  I am 10 yrs old and live in PA outside of Philadelphia.  Where I come from there are no kids that ride dirt bikes because there is no place to ride near me, so I have a very unique sport that I am involved in.  I am one of three boys, I have an older brother and a younger brother; that he too is also a mx racer.  We have an awesome dog Deuce that lives with us as well. Besides riding my dirt bike my favorite thing to do in the whole world is pay my guitar.  I've been plating since I was in first grade and I love classic rock, such as Pink Floyd, Van Halen and Led Zepplin are a few of my favorites.  I play in a band and we play in concerts quiet frequently.  Some of my other hobbies are playing hockey and lacrosse too.  I love ridding my bike and my scooter with my little brother when we get the chance.  When we are inside, I like to play Xbox or draw pictures for my family and friends.  One of my favorite things to do is to go away with my family.  My mom and dad takes us to many places, but I have to say going to the beach is probably my favorite place to go. I feel very lucky to have a family like mine because I think I am the luckiest kid on earth to be surrounded by my mom, dad and my 2 brothers.

Riding Goals

Since the first time I sat my butt on a PW50 I've always enjoyed riding.  I've only been racing for 2 yrs but I must say I get better each time I race.  My goals are to learn each time I'm on the track and if I can help someone else out to help teach them some things I've been taught to help pass the mx love on.  One of my biggest goals is to win a race!!! I have come in 2nd a lot but never had a 1st place yet and I would love for that to happen this year.  My mom and dad have just told my brother and I that they are sending us to a MX pro that lives in NJ to train us very soon.  So I hope that he helps us out so we get better and safer and hopefully my brother an I start winning races.i am also excited that I will probably get to start riding a 85cc this year too. 

Competitive Highlights

My highlight besides finishing 2nd a lot of times was actually finishing 3rd this past season in the MainLine Series for my class. Although I've never won, I o have a fun time every time I'm on the track.  And I've met a bunch of cool kids through mx that are now my friends that I would have never had met if I didn't race so that is actually one of my highlights too. 

I really like it when one of the fast kids that raced at Loretta's or Mini O's comes up to me and helps me out how to get better or just wants to hang out between the races.  If I never make it down to the national level I want to go down there to watch my friends and to cheer them on.