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Personal History

I like to do anything with bikes like race dirt bikes, wheelie surrons, jump bmx bikes, and downhill moutain bike. Me my dad and my sister race dirtbikes. I like to clean and work on my dirt bike and make sure its ready for its next ride. I ride a mc 125 with ohlins suspention. I started riding when I was 5 years old and did my first race when I was 10. 

Riding Goals

I ride because I love it and because my dad got me into it at a young age. I also ride because I want to get better and win some races soon. This year I want to finish the ngpc series and do a lot of moto races during the summer. Next year I want to come into the ngpc series with a lot of confidence and win the races. 

Competitive Highlights

Some acompllishments I've made is beat my dads laptimes in a race and do my first race at 10 years old. Some achevements I've made is avrage a top 10 position in my races and get a 4th place in a glen helen mud race.