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Situated in the heart of the African Coast, Benin is a gorgeous destination for people searching for an idyllic tropical island paradise. Situated in the mouth of the River Niger, Benin is a town that enjoys great coastal climate and magnificent beaches - ideal for family vacations. Many who have seen Benin have found this to be a particularly relaxing and memorable destination, thanks to its friendly atmosphere and relaxing population.

Benin has a lot to offer people. This includes a lot of fine dining opportunities, fascinating architecture and a rich cultural history. The town has a well-developed airport - situated by the Sea - which provides regular flights from key destinations worldwide. Approximately two hundred thousand individuals are permanently employed by the tourism sector in Benin, which makes it among the most popular holiday destinations for British tourists.

Benin boasts a low crime rate and a highly developed infrastructure. Tourist attractions are all widespread and include the historic town of Cotonou, a number of archaeological sites and a national park. Benin's most famous landmark is its own Grand Orchid, which can be discovered in the city of Cotonou. Other popular attractions include Saint Honorne Monastery in Cotonou, Saint Peter's Cathedral in Benin, and the Burea Oye Tambola - a natural reservoir on the Oyes River in the northern area of Benin.

Benin is also famous for its wine, with over three hundred distinct types out there. Benin is believed to have among the best wine areas in the world. Some of the wineries in Benin contain the Cellars of Cherbourg and Bissagos. It is not unusual for wine connoisseurs to invest months in their tasting the wines of Benin. It is considered an extremely complex and fascinating country to visit - and isn't always as easy to get around because you might think. Touring the country may require you to hire a vehicle.

One of the primary attractions of Benin is its shoreline. There are many locations in the nation where you can go sailing - whether you would like to enjoy the sea and the beaches or just relax on board. The majority of the coast of Benin is rocky cliffs and steep slopes and there is not any cable resulting in the sea. Most boats that leave Cotonou dock need to navigate their way through the many canals and small streams that run throughout the nation. The ships traveling from Port Louis to Fort-de-Nobles and then go south to Marseilles and finally to Cotonou.

If you like the peaceful atmosphere of the countryside but you also like to experience the luxury and modern lifestyle of the city, then you will want to visit Cotonou. The island is an hour's boat ride from Benin City and you'll discover that this area hasn't changed much over recent years. Cotonou is home to several different kinds of architecture including some that date back to the eighteenth century. The city is surrounded by beautiful mountains that provide you with the ideal set up for a relaxing moment. Benin is one of the most popular destinations in West Africa for men and women that are looking to go to the country or for families that are searching for somewhere to stay while they travel to Cotonou.