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Rider Updates

Apr 6 2009

new pics of 09 practice check out my images

Mar 1 2009


Jan 6 2009

I would like to thank the current sponsors that have reviewed my resume and excepted me as a sponsor for the 2009 racing season and am looking forward to hearing back from the other great comapanies that I have asked to sponsor me to help me progess through the season.

Dec 31 2008

i have been goin to mototown usa the past coupe weekends to get some pracice time in on my bike and get ready for the upcoming season approacing. i will be posting pictures soon to allow my currrent sponsors to view my riding progess. im looking forward to the upcoming season and will continue to post new pics and race qualifacations as the season begins. im looking forward to  the season and hoping to get in contact with new sponsors to help my progess through this season and the upcoming seasons in ridng and racing to progess through the classes

Dec 24 2008

with the upcoming season approaching its time to get my bike dialed in and begin to plot my schedule for races that i will be attending. will be going to mototown usa in windsor conniticut everyother week to practice and stay up on my game untill the weather gets warmer in new jersey to begin practing on my track again. any companies that would be willing to sponsor me this season would be greatly appreciated to help me progress in my racing season this year to advance up in the classes.