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Rider Updates

Apr 18 2009

Unfortunately, the ATV National race I just competed in will be the last race I will be in for the year.  My Dad is in the United States Army and he is deploying for a year long tour to Kuwait.  So, we will not be racing due to it would just be to much of a burden to my Mom and I want to try and help her out as much as I can while my dad is gone serving our country.  I will be back when he returns and hopefully will have a nice National level 70cc CVT quad to compete with.  I thank everyone for supporting me and wish you all the best throughout the rest of the season.  See you sometime next summer.

Feb 27 2009

After sitting in our trailer for a couple of days and thinking everything was good with my quad, my dad noticed it was making a clicking sound while pushing it out of the trailer.  Took transmission apart and it had 12 teeth on the gear cracked and ready to break off.  Did the mad dash look for a part to fix it and found only the high speed gearset from someone.  I managed to finish second on a poorly tuned quad.  My brother took the win.  I am not complaining though, at least I was able to compete.

Feb 27 2009

My first championship under my belt.  The conditions were brutal at times but well worth the prize.  The competition was tough and especially at the end when it came down to my brother and I fighting for the championship.  I ended up edging him out by nine points for the overall championship.  I would like to first thank Hetrick racing for their awesome support.  They constantly kept providing our family advice and service that kept me out front.  I would like to thank my brother for continuously pushing during our battles on the track. An finally, I would like to thank my parents and brothers for their great support and sacrifice allowing me to spend so many weekends competing.  I hope to bring home the AMA district 13 50cc Limited ATV championship this year in my final year of eligibility.  Wish me Luck! 

Feb 20 2009

Today was a great day of racing.  I beat my rival in the first moto for the first time.  He paid me back the second moto though and took the overall away though.  I had a blast and for the first time was really hitting the jumps hard.  I may have been hitting them a little to hard or just not letting off of the gas though.  I believe my transmission gears may have taken some punishment.  Dad will have to check them out and I will have to remember to let off of the gas before landing. 

Dec 4 2008

After a slow start and some hard learning I managed to finish my first season racing in 2nd.  I would like to thank my parents for all of there hard work and time spent helping me do what I reall like to do.  I would also like to the thank Mr. Hetrick at Hetrick Racing for building my quad and supplying my family with all the necessary parts and advice throughout the race season.  I look forward to racing one more year in the 50cc limited class and then move on to the 70cc production class the following year.