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Personal History

I am 17 years old, i have an apprenticeship which i attend to pay for my motorcycle repairs and upgrades when needed, i train hard week in and week out to improve my riding skills to become a better rider. My dream is to become a professional athlete in this sport, i aim towards that but we will see how i go.


When i started high school a few of my friends influenced the idea of racing competitive motorcycle racing, these friends had been racing since they were 5 years old, anyway i knew it would be fun and i took on the challenge. My father bought me a second hand KTM85sx to start my racing on. for the first year i was nothing special, i didn't get any podium places or series wins. But in the off season i trained, i got fit and i came back strong, i beat my friends the first round of the year and i quickly became fast enough for podium spots, although injury prevented me from a series placing. In 2012 my father bought my a new Yz125 and in the off season again i trained hard and prepared for the series. i dominated the series winning 5 races in a row, then placing second for the remaining three. i won the series for the junior lites in 2012. In 2013 i won the enduro series and placed second in the grass track series. in 2014 i moved to a Yz250f and placed first in the enduro series again and once again second in the grass track series.


Riding Goals

Riding goals for me would have to be progressing further with my series wins with sponsorship support, I want to be a fair rider and have good sportsmanship, i don't want to have a target on my back from my attitude. My goal is to be a casual person but have a very successful racing career. i want to work extremely hard day in and day out to work towards these goals and i want to dedicate every second i have to achieving my goals. With sponsorship support, achieving these goals would be a little easier and would make it more comfortable for me competing with others that have more improved machines then i currently have.