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Rider Updates

Nov 17 2011

I placed 3rd overall this year in 250C, and it was my first full season

Jun 26 2011

The race on sunday was pretty good since i only got to ride two days..but first moto got a great start i got the holeshot but didnt have good lines at all and ended up in 8th. 2nd moto had my lines down, I had 2nd place into the holeshot then got passed for 3rd and held that for half the race then layed the bike over which put me 4th I started catching 3rd again and putting pressure on him then over jumped first double in rythem section then cased next jump and then faced the one after that and crashed so i had a DNF sadly

Jun 2 2011

Me and my bro crashed and his peg went through my boot and my foot this was 2 wks ago and I get my stiches out in 2 day so i can't wait to get back on the bike.

Apr 8 2011

I went to a new indoor track named circle-T. the track was pretty cool, they had a couple of biger jumps but nothing scary. I am flying on my new bike I laped almost every guy there and there were like 14 people. I love my new bike. Sad thing is i dont think i will start outdoor till early May. And that's all my updates.

Mar 23 2011

I had to take my bike to the shop. The oil drain plug was striped out of it and it is getting re-done. they are also checking over the bike and putting all new filter's on. I may be racing at galion in 2 1/2 weeks! i'm excited.

Feb 6 2011

I went to Big Horn an indoor track. It was only my 3rd time on my new bike. still did really well, I was 2nd fastest guy there in 250C.

Nov 20 2010

I got an 09 RM-Z 250