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Personal History

I got my first dirt bike when I was 6. My dad bought a used Yamaha TT-R 50 and showed me how to ride. I moved up to bigger bikes and got better and better on the tracks. I cleaned up and fixed old bikes and sold them for more, and I saved up for about 9 months before I was able to buy my own dirt bike. I wanted a nice bike, so I got a used 2019 yz250f. I started racing and trying to get as good as possible. I was hitting big jumps and flying around the track. I kept do mechanical work on other people's bikes so I could earn money and save up for upgrades on my own bike.

Riding Goals

My goal is to be a professional motocross racer. Even though most riders just say it but don't actually do it, I actually WILL do it. I want to be on a Yamaha racing team one day. Another big goal is to one day win 1st place in the 250A class at Loretta Lynn's. I want to be first on the podium, and represent my sponsors, my family, and God as well as I can. I am an extremely hard worker. Many people have told me that I am the hardest working person they know. I am also very determined. One I decide to do something, it is almost impossible to change my mind. If I want something, I go get it. I am not a cheater, but I will do whatever it takes to win. This doesn't mean I will be disrespectful or cheat, but I will do my best to win. When I do win, I don't praise myself but instead I stay humble. Pride comes before a fall. I will represent my sponsors and make sure everyone knows who sponsors me, but I won't be obnoxious and prideful. I will be a good sport and do my best, and represent my sponsors well.

Competitive Highlights

Since I haven't raced a whole lot, I don't have a lot of race highlights. My first ever race, there was 16 riders and I had the absolute worst starting gate position. I got the last choice since I had never raced before and everyone else had. I learned how to start the day before, so obviously I expected to get embarrassed on the holeshot. The crazy thing was, I didn't get last on the holeshot. I was surprised! In fact, there were only two people in front of me. I looked behind me expecting to see a big crash or something, but there wasn't. I just got third on the holeshot!