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Personal History

My name is Mack Farrah and I grew up with a small bike that I rode in the yard for fun. I always wanted to move up and get an actually race bike. However, my parents always said no. We would rent bikes at a local place and ride 2 times a year at most. However, them saying no never stopped me from working on saving my money and working on my fitness. As a kid, I always dreamed about racing motocross and supercross. I eventually saved enough and convinced them to let me buy my own motocross bike. It was a brand new YZ125 and with never really riding the track, it was a challenge. I learned pretty quick and within two months, I was jumping triples and becoming more consistent in the corners. My parents never wanted me to race so I took the time and trained myself to the best of my ability. As time went on and with a few training sessions from an A rider and MTF, I quickly learned good technique. In one year, I went from being on a YZ125 and never leaving first gear to almost staying with a 450 B rider. Learning this quickly and seeing what I can do with putting my mind to something, I have committed more to improving my fitness and skill. I ride 2-3 days a week and both days on the weekend. The days I'm not riding, I ride my mountain bike over 10 miles and do a workout. Being able to race now, I feel prepared to make a mark.

Instagram: mackfarrah172

Riding Goals

I challenge myself very hard to perform to the best I can be.


- Qualify for C class for LL Regional in 2019

- Qualify for C Class for LL in 2019 or 2020

- Win C Class in LL in 2020

- Qualify for B class in 2021

- Qualify for A Class in 2022

- Win B Class in LL

- Win A Class in LL

- Win Mini O's