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Personal History

Hello :) My name is Madison Novelli and I am fairly new at riding motocross. My first race was on May 20, 2012! I currently ride a 2008 KTM 105 XC and have mastered it quite well in the past 12 months! Oh yea and I just bought Kaitlyn Marrows 2012 KTM 150 smoker!!!

Before motocross I played softball, soccer, basket ball and was also a cheerleader!

My dad has been taking me hunting ever since I was three yrs old. I shot my first deer at 12yrs old and now ready to hunt turkey too!

I have the best mom! She has supported me in everything that I have ever done! Take me to practice, wash my stinky cloths, cheer me on in every sport I have been in and has never missed and event!

I have two dogs, Miley, she is a Newfoundland and BooBoo and she is a mutt but I love her!

Mom and dad said they will support whatever I want to do including motocross as long as I do my job of keeping my grades up in school!

Riding Goals

My riding goal is to gain a spot at Loretta Lynn's and place in the top three! I know its a tall goal but I believe I can and will do it!

Competitive Highlights

Taking 2nd Place in Women's Class for the State of Texas at the age of 14!

Placing 2nd in the Women's Class in Dist 20  in 2013!

Winning 3rd place in the Girls 12-16 in the Main Event State Championship only after racing for six months!

Taking second place at the 2013 LL Regional Qualifier at Golden Pines MS after going down in all three motos !