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Rider Updates

Dec 22 2013

Raced the first round of the FMF Texas Winter Series in the school girl class and place second. During Fridays practice I went down and hyper extended my elbow and was worried that I would not be able to race on Sunday. After spending all day Saturday nursing a cold and my elbow I felt confident enough to hit the track Sunday morning. The first moto went ok and I finished 3rd but the second moto (shortened by a lap because of time) went a little better. After a bad start I worked my through the pack and and by the time I crossed the finish line Aspen Neely won by the front tire. If I only had a better start or one more lap I would have owned that 1st place position!!! Well school starts soon so I must get back into the groove! Training for Loretta's for the next several months, this year will be tough as I will be racing in the women's class!!!



Dec 17 2013

I tried out for the Munn team and made it! Now looking to get a 2014 KTM 250 SX two stroke here in the next month or so! Hello 50 hp!

Dec 2 2013

I am now ranked number 2 in the state of Texas!!!

Nov 19 2013

Well we have gotten rid of the super-mini and now have moved on to the KTM 150 2 stroke and I love it!!!!! I raced the Dist 20 Series in two classes- Women's and 250C. I finished in second place in the Women's class and tenth in the 250C in the Dist!!! I am really happy with my success so far. Nov 9th I raced the the Texas State Championship Final at Cycle Ranch and only raced in the women's class where I followed non other than Kaitlyn Morrow! I am really getting tired of finishing in second place behind her but like my dad says " You are lucky enough to see how need to preform to be number one!" My goal is to be able to beat her by the end of next year. Hopefully after going to LL next year I will be on a KTM 250 2 stroke as this will also be needed to catch her!

We will be leaving this coming Friday to drop the race trailer off at Cycle Ranch in San Antonio then off to the deer lease for a little hunting!!!! We will leave the lease on Wed. and head back to the track for Thanksgiving dinner and practice. Then the racing starts for two day!!!

My last race of the year will be at 3 Palms in Conroe, Texas Dec. 7-8. This will be a team race. I will be racing for Houston Motorsports as the franchise team and for RNM Risk Management on the non-franchise team (Madison Novelli, Max Doss, Paxton Sawyers, Aaron Comier, Dillon Defrend and Ryan Grantom)

Don't forget if someone really reads this to download my phone app, its free.

Twistin and Rippin


Jun 20 2013

Yup I did it! I got a ticket to go to Hurricane Mills TN to participate in The 2013 National Championship will take place July 29 - August 3 at the Loretta Lynn's Ranch!  I did it in 13 months of racing!!!!!!

May 20 2013

I raced last weekend and had mechanical difficulties due to my mechanic ( dad said I should fire him but the mechanic is my dad :) Oh well it happens. The first moto in the women's class I came in 7th place. We got my bike back up and running and finished 2nd in the second moto!  I came in 8th place in both motos in the super mini class, not to bad considering who my competition is in that class. Most of them have been racing over half of their lives and today is my one year anniversary to my first ever race! Better watch out because here I come, I am training hard and racing hard!

Really happy right now! I had one of my private sponsors come watch me race and noticed that I am a bit tall for my KTM 105 and he helped my dad purchase Kaitlyn Morrows 2012 KTM 150!!!!!!! I fit this bike soooooo much better. Dad said I have to train on the 105 until Loretta regional's are over next month, this kinda makes me sad but he is right, if I am going to race on the 105 I need to train on it!!!

Happy Girl,


Apr 29 2013

Download my new aap MM27 at your app store for Android or Apple to keep up with me !!:)

Well  a few really cool things happening lately! My dad had a really cool app made for me by, I have started racing the boys in the supermini class and racing in the womens class with good success. I have picked up a few local sponsorships that have been helping me and my family with my motocross career. has provided my parents with a new truck to pull our camper to the races with! BTW the 2013 trucks are sweet!

I am still training with Kyle Williams at Challen Tennants private track and if I can master this track soon there will be no one on the planet that could beat me, they redid the track and it is totally sick!!! I practiced at 3 Palms this past weekend and figured out how to clear the finish line :) and now to concour the freeway jump!!

Getting excited about this weekends race in Beaumont, Tx ,hopefully there will be some new faces at the track to compete with. Really excited about two races back to back weekends at Freestone! Day track and the nigh track!!


Feb 19 2013

For the past two months I have been training really hard with Kyle Williams at Challen Tennants track north of Conroe, Tx. Kyle has been teaching me so much and this has improved my riding skills greatly! I have never felt more confident on my bike than I do now.  My corners are shaping up really nice, I have the whoops down and I am starting to jump further each day on the track.

Last weekend I raced for the first time in the womens open class, I did really well considering that I came in second place only behind Katlyn Marrow :)...  on my KTM 105!!!!

I will be attending the area qualifier for Loretta's @ Three Palms the first weekend of March, I know for sure I will make the first cut but I am nervous about the regional qualifier in Miss, we will see but I know with more training and seat time on different tracks I should make it to TN!

This spring break we will be taking a MX vacation for 10 days to central Texas and riding at least three different tracks with a few other MX families.

I will update in a few weeks with results and vacation news and pics.

MotoMaddie #27

Dec 2 2012

I finished 2nd place in District 21 Girls Class even after a really bad spill at Rio Bravo and not being able to finish the race. My throttle stuck wide open going up the face of a table top. No broken bones but really sore for a long time.

I will be focusing on training really hard for the next few months as I want to start competing on a nationals level and I know I have some improvements that need to be made in order to do so. I am really lucky to have Kyle Williams as my trainer, he is very good at explaining what he teaches.

I will race a few local races to test what I have learned and start attending national races in the spring.

Sep 16 2012

Left Beaumont Sunday morning and went straight to Three Palms in Conroe to get some more practice in for a few hours.

Sep 15 2012

Raced at Cowboy Badlands in Beaumont, Tx in the District 20 Main Event Round 3 and placed 2nd in my class!

Sep 4 2012

Had a good time at Ultimate ! I love the track . Cant wait to race sunday hope to you out there!


Sep 4 2012

Practice at Ultimate MX park after school today before the race on Sunday!


Aug 26 2012

Went to 3 palms for a full day of practice and had a blast. Practiced on the Main , River  and the Woods track.

Aug 25 2012

Went to Cowboy Badlands for Main Event and it got cancelled to too much rain ! The rain date for the race is Sep. 15 th .

Aug 18 2012

Went to Cowboy Badlands to practice Sat.! Spent about 5 hours on the track. Getting ready for the race next weekend!

Aug 3 2012

 I am currnently getting my top and bottom end re-done ! got the bottom end back and now waiting for top end so i can get some practice for main event