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Personal History

I am a full time college student pursuing a future career of being a physical therapist. I maintain good grades as well as keep myself in peak physical condition for the sport of motocross. I train everyday, when I'm not riding I'm training off the bike to get myself in better shape. I have only been riding for a little over two years but have had about eleven months worth of injuries. Although I have not been riding long I have progressed fairly quickly. I am also extremely determined to achieve all of my goals. I have the passion and the heart to excel at anything I put my mind to. I love racing and just riding in general more than any other sport I have ever played. I have been athletic all of my life so it further proves my dedication and commitment to this sport. I know how to balance school, a job, and riding as well as putting 110% in to each one. I can garuntee if there is any doubts about me, I will prove them wrong.

Riding Goals

I really hope to be a proffesional racer by the summer of 2014. I have been working and training everyday to get to where I want to be despite the obstacles I have faced. I am extremely determined to get to where I want to be and any extra support is extremely appreciated. 

Competitive Highlights

In my first season that i ever raced, I won the entire series of the old Vet X racing series( now known as TWMX series). I also got sponsored by a man named Matt Dalton who created Autism MX. We basically teach Autistic kids how to ride and be more independent. That is what really made me love the sport and making such and impact on these kids. I also qualfied at the area qualifier for lorretta lynns in 2012 and 2013. It is always a good moment when you get a holeshot and I have had the experience of that quite a few times. It is also nice, especially being a women in motocross, to have a guy not be able to pass you and entire race. These highlights are what keep me going and want to have more in the near future.