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Personal History

My name is MaKayla. I am 17 years old and a Senior in high school. I live in Cleveland, Tennessee with my older sister Megan and my parents Steven and Tammy. I started riding about 3 years ago then my dad was in an accident and I wasn't able to train due to his injuries. I have now been practicing as much as possible for over a year. I just entered my first race in August. I have a huge support group of family and friends that come to every race.  My mom and dad are my biggest supporters. I also love to hunt and fish but Motocross is my passion. I love spending time in the garage watching my dad work on my bike and learn as much as possible about the bike myself.

Riding Goals

I love the challenge of riding. Also, being a girl, most people assume that I can not or should not do it. I love proving them wrong by showing them I can. My goal this year is to get more track time and enter as many races as possible. Next year my goal is to be a better rider with hopes of qualifying for Loretta Lynn's. Plans for next year is to move up to a bigger bike size to be more competitive. I would love to start home school so I would have more time during the day for practice. I want to train as much as possible to become the best rider I can!

Competitive Highlights

2 out of 3 races that I have raced has had me riding against all guys. I love the fact that I am the only girl out there and I can do it just as well as they can. My last race I went down hard during Moto 1, got back up and on my bike and finished the race. My dad told me that if I was hurting too bad we could just go home. I told him no that I was going to finish the race I had started. Went back out for Moto 2 and finished 3rd overall. Went to the Dr the next morning and found out I had a broken arm. I was very proud of myself for not quitting and for showing everyone that just because I went down didn't mean I was ready to give up.