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Personal History

I’m 21 years old and from Ely, NV. I started riding at 3 years old, and absolutely love racing and anything that has to do with being on my bike. I have been racing since I was 3 years old, I grew up racing desert mran until 2020 when I found the worcs series. It has been my absolute favorite style of racing. 

Riding Goals

I have a ton of riding goals over the course of this 2022 race season, in desert, MX and worcs. No matter what racing style it is, or class I race in, i’m going to push myself from the start to finish, and strive to be top 3 in my class, standing on a podium. I plan to be apart of all these different racing series that go on in NV and the states around me, so that’s a lot of seat time and time to be able to accomplish this. I will train hard, work hard, and not take any days off so I can ensure I do everything in my power to make this happen. I ride because I’ve loved this sport ever since I got my first bike, and I want to push myself to be successful because I’m competitive, and want to give back to my family for their support over the years. This wouldn’t be possible and I wouldn’t have the opportunity to compete in this much racing if it wasn’t for them, so I won’t accept not being my absolute best in every race. 

Competitive Highlights

My biggest highlights to take away from this 2021 season would be that I podiumed in every worcs race. Getting two 1st places, six 2nd and a 3rd. I could see my work paying off every race I went to, my lap times being as fast as the riders in classes above me. My biggest accomplishment was the 1st places in Glen Helen, I went 1-1 on the weekend which put me in 1st place in points in my class.