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Personal History

Began riding motorcycles at the age of 12,  beast of a bike.  I believe it was a suzuki 175 of some sort, heavy as a street bike even had the low hanging exhaust but it didn't matter I was hooked.  I rode that bike all summer long, mowing yards, doing any chore or task I could to earn money for gas.  My biggest accomplishment that first year was painting my first helmet to match the gas tank,  the steel gas tank.  Eventually by the end of summer I was even able to kick start the bike without help, however if I fell down I still needed help to pick this big iron beast up.  The next spring my father seeing how enthusiastic I was about the sport bought me a kx80 big wheel, since I now had a race bike I had to start racing right?  I began slow and easy, not much for jumping and couldn't keep up with the big kids on their 125's and 250's but I quickly realized the speed was in the corners and thats what I focused on.

Riding Goals

This winter I'm training to get my intensity up for motocross. I have been racing desert and gncc style races the last few years.

Competitive Highlights

2016 Ddistrict 25 2nd place on the 40B or amateur class. My goal next year is to win it and hopefully move up to the A class.