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Personal History

Riding and photography are two of my favourite things to do. When Im not riding I am shooting whoever is on the track. I like to train in the gym as a way to stay in shape and relieve stress so the benefits carry over into motocross where I am able to ride a little bit harder on the rough tracks and able to hold on when things get a little sketchy. Im always looking for ways to improve my riding skills as well as other aspects of my life such as my education, photography and fitness. 

Riding Goals

My Riding goals would be to be a top 5 B class rider as well as eventually be a top 5 plus 25 rider once I reach the correct age. I am always looking forward to riding each year and don't see anything changing except my speed! 

Competitive Highlights

2012 was one of the best years in my racing career. Winning the first moto at the Walton Grand National Championships in MX3 Junior and going into the next race as the points leader wearing the gold rider bib  as well as being interviewed atop the podium in front of everyone was something I have always wanted to do. Winning the Championship series and being the runner up in the Ontario Hi-Point Series were two things I was happy to check off my list. It took alot of dedication to make it to all the rounds as well as finishing each race in a decent position to stay in the points race.  I accomplished all my goals for the year and now moving up to Intermediate is something I am really looking forward to.