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Rider Updates

Jul 10 2023

Did not make it to Loretta’s this year on the 125. I DID qualify in all my classes, but could not make it out of the regionals. I will continue to train and race occasionally while I transition to a 250f. I did race 1 race back home this year at Twisted Mx in Milan, Mi and went 1-1 times in both 125 B/C & Schoolboy 1. 

Apr 11 2023

It’s been a while since I posted anything. I am currently at Club MX in South Carolina training for the upcoming outdoor season. I’ve been training now for 5 weeks. We plan to head to Sunset Ridge Mx in Illinois for our first LL qualifier. Had a few bike issues, but we didn’t lose an engine like we have 2 years in a row. I’m doing a lot more maintenance now because my dad had to return home. Hope to finish on a high note here and go show the world what I’ve got. 

Dec 24 2022

I ended the 2022 Michigan State Championship Series 2nd overall in both the 125 B/C class & the Schoolboy 1(12-17) class. It was a constant struggle with the bikes this year. Bearings and cranks let us down at every turn and every opportunity. We did achieve a goal this year, we managed to stay healthy for the whole season. Not the results we were hoping for, but it’s all part of the sport I suppose. We will be headed to Club MX to train for the spring in hopes of going to Loretta’s in the summer. Thankful for all the support along the way. 

Oct 9 2022

I have had an up and down season this year. We have had crashes and bike problems like every other year. I’m trying to win the 2022 Michigan State Championship Series with 1 more race weekend to go. I have a blown 125, so I’m down to the practice bike. I will just keep grinding, staying positive and finish out this season to get ready for the next. We are thinking next year will be our last on a 125. Hopefully I can qualify for Loretta’s again and maybe this time go to the regional and on to the big show. Thankful and blessed for the opportunity & the ability and the great people and companies standing by me. 

May 3 2022

I started the Michigan seasonal series off by going 2-3 respectively in schoolboy 1 & 125 B/C at Bulldogs M/C. My next race at Valley MX was going well until another rider collided with me and took my bike out in the 2nd motos. The next day I got a 3rd overall in 125 B/C and 5th in Schoolboy 1. This last weekend I went 1-1 in Schoolboy 1 & 1-1 in 125 B/C at Bulldogs M/C. I’m getting ready to go to BAJA Acres for my first area qualifier for Loretta Lynn’s. I have been training hard and focusing on doing well there. 

Mar 23 2022

I have been training at Club MX  in South Carolina now for a month. Had some issues with my practice bike , but we did get that taken care of. I have made great strides in my starts and overall speed on the tracks. I’ve gotten compliments from all the coaches here this year. It’s all most time to head back to Michigan and start the D14 seasonal series. I will attend all the area qualifiers for Loretta Lynn’s in Michigan this year as well. We are thinking of going to Mini O’s in November, hopefully I stay healthy & have minimal bike problems this year. Thankful for all my family’s support and my current roster of sponsors. 

Feb 20 2022

Just got my 2022 KTM 125 suspension back from Lowe’s racing suspension here in Michigan. We will now begin the process of getting ready to go to Club MX for the month of March to train. Very excited to start off the new season. 

Jan 3 2022

I got to train in sunny Florida after Christmas and during New Years. We went to Spyder MX in Wildwood & Orlando MX. Both of my bikes ran great and I felt pretty comfortable the whole time. I think my focus when we get home will be to train my body and generally get in shape before race season starts. I still plan on going back to Club MX in South Carolina in March. 

Nov 13 2021

It’s been a long while since I posted and for good reason. I had nothing but bike troubles for almost all of the 2021 season. From part failures to not being able to get parts, it has been a VERY frustrating race season to say the least. When I did finally get my bike into a shop,  the turn around was very slow. Every race shop is extremely busy these days. Anyway, I’m glad to report that I have a new bike. I am now riding a 2022 & a 2021 KTM 125 SX. We should be more competitive with 2 bikes at our disposal. We are getting ready to head to Florida to get some riding in as it’s getting harder to ride here in Michigan. Hopefully we will go to Club MX in March again for the month. Blessed to be healthy and grateful for the opportunity as always. 

Aug 7 2021

Unfortunately during the Grattan Mx race my bike seized the second day of racing. No results for the State race. Very disappointing to say the least. This will be the 3rd total rebuild of the season on a bike with less than 100 hours. Anyway, parts are ordered and Weever Performance will be handling the rebuild. I’ll be trying to make a better showing at the next State race. 

Jul 17 2021

New top end in the KTM 125 courtesy of Namura Technologies. I have been training hard for this weekend’s Michigan State Championship series race at Polka Dots M/C in Midland, Michigan. 

Jul 10 2021

I’ve been training hard with Lucas Lowe since my last race in June. I’ve also been practicing at Bulldogs M/C, a local track where we are members. I’m going to concentrate on the Michigan State races this year. But for now, there’s competition today at Twisted Mx in Milan, Mi. 

Jun 5 2021

I have been training with former pro MX rider Lucas Lowe all week. Getting ready for my debut back on the KTM 125. Looking forward to getting back on the back and back on the grind. 

May 28 2021

We got back to Michigan and raced 2 district 14 races. I had great results. After the second race, my bike just blew up again. This time a faulty connection at the CDI box was the culprit making the stator overheat and cooking the lower end. Thanks to Weever performance in Battle Creek, Michigan I am back in the saddle and ready to do battle. I will be training hard as the Michigan state championship series starts in a week. Let’s go!

Mar 27 2021

As luck would have it I blew up my 2021 KTM 125 with 54 hours on it and 15 hours on a new top end. Not very happy to say the least. Complete engine detonation. We are thinking the new Lectron carburetor coupled with the low octane fuel had a lot to do with it. Probably running too lean. Anyway, I’m happy to say I’m back on the bike thanks to Chuck Shirley at Privateer Connection. This local shop did a complete rebuild in just 2 days. Very grateful for all that helped get me back on the seat. 1 more week of training at Club Mx then it’s back to Michigan to prepare for my first Loretta Lynn qualifier. 

Mar 26 2021

I have been at Club MX now for 3 weeks. I have been training on and off the bike just about everyday. My goal this year is to stay injury free and maybe make it to Loretta’s. There are qualifiers as soon as I get home. Wish me luck!

Dec 2 2020

I’m currently at Spyder MX IN Wildwood, Florida. Getting a litttle extra practice before we go home into snow country.

Nov 25 2020

Raced at Mini O’s in schoolboy 1 and 125 B/C. I took 26th and the 27th. Not where I wanted to be. Never made it out of the LCQ’s. I realize I have a lot of work to do to be competitive at a national level. It was a cool experience though. I’m going to work hard to get faster all around. Heading into winter it may be hard to do. I need to stay healthy this next year as well. 2 pretty severe injuries in 2 years does nothing for your riding abilities.

Nov 24 2020

I’m at Thor’s 2020 Mini O’s. I start motocross practice tomorrow. I’m pretty excited, the track looks awesome. 

Nov 17 2020

I’m in South Carolina at Club MX training for Mini O’s next week the in Florida. The track is awesome and the training staff are great. I will be here for a week. I’m trying to get in as much practice as I can. I will be working on technique and my form, starts and corners. 

Nov 7 2020

I’m spending a couple days training locally  with Lucas Lowe on cornering. Lucas is a former pro rider turned trainer. I’m then headed to Club MX in South Carolina for a week of training before Mini O’s in Florida the following week. Very busy doing what I love. Thanks to all my sponsors this year, you are greatly appreciated. 

Aug 19 2020

It’s been a while since I added any updates. I crashed at the Loretta Lynn’s regional in my home town of Millington, Michigan in June. I broke my collarbone and have been sitting out for eight weeks now. As of yesterday, the doctor says I should wait another month but I am going to start riding. We just purchased a 2021 KTM 125 for me to ride. My days on the KTM 85 are numbered. I may finish out the D14 season on the 85 and go to Mini O’s in November? Anyway I am easing back into racing after being injured for the last two years in a row. I thank God for my healing and my family for support. I would also like to thank my sponsors this year. 

May 27 2020

I’ve been corner training with former pro Lucas Lowe. I’ll be traveling to Baja Acres later today to practice for the Loretta Lynn regional. It’s definitely nice that the track is so close to our house. Also the very first race of the AMA D14 season is this weekend. We will be headed to Big Air motocross track here in Michigan. I’m pretty stoked. I’m moving up a class this year and it’s time to see how all my preparations will pay off. Lots going on with Nitz Racing for sure. 

May 21 2020

I’m all signed up for the Loretta Lynn’s Regional at Baja Acres right in my hometown. I’m super stoked. I will get some personal ride training this weekend and then go ride the track as well. I’ve been preparing for 3 months. I’m going to give it everything I’ve got!

Apr 23 2020

I have started weight training. I’m also riding as much as I can at my track. Glad we got to go ride in Florida when we did. Still waiting for word if the MX season is ever going to start. It’s my last year on my KTM 85, I will be moving up to a 125 at the end of the year. I’m still going to try to make it to Loretta Lynn’s, that is my goal for this year. 

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