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Rider Updates

Nov 5 2014

Had a great run this year led the points championship for most of the season until the last race of the year but was taken out while leading. Finished the season 2nd overall in 250C and 4th Overall in Open C. 

Aug 4 2014

Claverack this past weekend didnt go as I wanted I wasn't riding like I normally do until the last moto of open c which didnt really help my overall finish but I went down once and I'm going to take the good and learn from the bad and better myself to come out swinging at the next round! 

Jun 2 2014

The weekend went pretty good aside from a really bad crash I had in the last moto of 250c which cost me the overall win unfortunately, went 5-5 in Open C for 5th overall and 1-11 in 250C for 4th overall. Had another moto win for the season just going to keep working hard and pushing for wins! 

May 27 2014

Had a decent weekend went 5-3 in 250c for 3rd overall but had some crashes in the Open class trying to dial in my new bike. Getting my suspension re done and will be winning in no time. 

May 5 2014

Got a lot of momentum built up for the loretta lynn's qualifier at unadilla coming off of my first win of the season I expect to do really well and qualify! 

Apr 17 2014

Came down with a nasty stomach virus the night before I raced the qualifier at sleepy hollow. I was up all night and hadn't eaten in 2 days but I still tried to push through it, I went out for practice and my first moto but I couldn't do anything to salvage a qualifying position so we packed up and went home, I will be racing the Unadilla Loretta Lynn's Qualifier to try to qualify again healthy!

Apr 11 2014

Driving to Sleepy Hollow Mx right now to practice then racing the llq Saturday and Sunday to qualify for the 250C Limited and 250C Mod classes!  

Mar 13 2014

JWTF was great, practicing all weekend at speed citi! 

Mar 3 2014

At the jimmy weinert training facility. Getting a great work out and a ton of seat time! 

Feb 25 2014

Going down to the Jimmy Weinert Training Facility March 3rd-7th then going to tomahawk mx that weekend for the loretta Lynn's qualifier! 

Dec 8 2013

Arenacross went well, got 2 holeshots a moto win and a 2nd place finish. Ended up having some bad luck in my main and crashed pretty bad in the whoops which hinder'd me getting an overall finish for both my classes. Now i'm just trying to ride until all of the tracks close then hopefully go to JWTF in North Carolina to train and prep for next season. 

Nov 21 2013

Getting ready for arenacross this saturday! Getting pumped going for the win!

Sep 22 2013

Really need some help finding a private mx track anywhere near millbrook ny so I could have somewhere to practice during the week, cant take not being able to practice during the week im not progressing as fast as I should be and I feel like I have a lot of potential but I need to practice regularly, if anyone could help me out please msg me thanks.

May 14 2013

Progressing well, getting faster every ride!

Apr 7 2013

Great weekend of riding, definitely have a solid top 3 ride. Cant wait for my 1st race this weekend I think i can bring home a win!

Apr 2 2013

Got my bike back, going to mx walden saturday and echo valley farms mx sunday!

Feb 9 2013

Going to the awards banquet tomorrow. Getting my 6th place overall trophy for the schoolboy class!

Jan 24 2013

Bike should be all ready to go for the 2nd loretta's qualifier at tomahawk mx so pumped!!

Jan 7 2013

Got a planet fitness membership for christmas and have been going almost everyday, going to be in the best shape of my life for racing this year! 

Dec 22 2012

Getting ready for the 2013 season. My bikes getting rebuilt, Full Factory Connection suspenison, and a full pro circuit exhaust system. Cant wait to get racing again going to push my limits to qualify for loretta's.

Dec 13 2012

I would like to give a thanks and shoutout to all my sponsors for helping me out and giving me some sick discounts on gear, tires, parts etc! I also want to thank pro circuit and factory connection for giving me a sponsorship!