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Personal History

Hi My name is Matthew, I was born the youngest of triplets and weighed only 3 pounds, i have a brother and sister and we are 5 years old, I have 2 older sisters. I live in a rural town in Michigan. My parents are Bill and Andrea.  I started racing last year at the age of 4, started out last year w a Polaris 50cc and upgraded to a 2011 DRX 50cc this year. I won the championship last year and also this year in the jr quad 50cc 4-6 yr olds. I raced the 8 series race at MPX in Sebewaing Michigan. I also raced at 3 fair races this year and also went to M33 in Mio Michigan. My brother and mny 8 yr old sister also took up racing this year, my brother races my old Polaris and my sister has a 2005 DRR 50cc. 

I come from a family of racing, even though  it was an oval track. My grandpa and father both raced on dirt tracks, my father also raced  4 wheelers when he was younger and has trophys to prove it. 


Riding Goals

I would love to have the opportunity to race farther from home and compete with some big name people as I have a great passion for racing. But coming from a larger family sometimes it is difficult for my parents to afford for us all to race locally and travel also, so someday iam hoping to get that chance, so thats what my plans are if I can get some sponsorship.