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Rider Updates

Mar 26 2011

I took 2nd place in the frozen winter series, and 3rd in the motomadness. and i got 4th last week at lazy river.  this coming weekend ill be at mill creek for the loretta lynn qualifier. hopefully ill qualify and it will be a good safe race.

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Feb 19 2011

alot going on here lately i have been racing the frozen winter series. i have got the holeshot in the last 2 races and i either got 1st or 2nd over all in the series its a close call but will know soon. i also got 2nd overall in the motomadness series. now just getting ready for the lorretta lynn qualifier and mill creek april 2 and 3, should be a good tough race but im gonna be ready to give it my all. i will post some pics up pretty soon i have alot of good new pics.

Dec 20 2010

Oct 10 2010

at millcreek motocross. I took 3rd over all the first part was on saturday and it was a mud bog i took 4th and the second part was on sunday a few weeks later due to rain, and i took 10th and 3rd over all. last weekend was the vurb moto pro AM at bremen racepark. i took 15th the first moto and 13th the second out of 29 people.


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Aug 28 2010

Raced saturday night race a few weekends ago i took 3rd im in second for the series motomadness. last weekend i raced at bremen for the sccs series took 10th first moto and then second moto went bad because i wrecked not sure what place after that and this weekend i raced at millcreek for the motomadness and challengers cup saturday i took 4th in the mud race it was a mess and they canceled sunday

Aug 9 2010

Local Bremen saturday night series took 3rd place it was a really good race next saturday at millcreek hope it goes well, the SCCS series will be starting back up this month, i cant wait.


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Matt Buckner  498

Jul 14 2010

I have just been training and practicing. June 20-25 i was at Millssaps training Facility. learned alot i think it really made me faster well the next series racie is in august so for now i will just be training, practicing and doing local races.


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Matt Buckner#498

Mar 8 2010

Lately i have just been riding, practicing, and working out. I got a new gym at the house now, works out alot easier. I went to the atl supercross then the ride4AT at bremen. I have just been training myself and it seems to be helping alot I have gotten alot faster. I have noticed there may be a proper way but that proper way aint always the best for everyone, it  depends on their riding style.  This saturday coming up i might race a little bremen saturday night race just for fun and practice. the sccs series starts april 10 so pretty soon i will be racing on the weekends, instead of just practicing. I will be at all the lorretta lynn qualifiers to and hopefully make it to race at lorrettas. At the Ride4AT i bought a ticket to Millsaps training facility and will be going there june 20- june 25. well thats about it for now.

Jan 5 2010

stadiumcross race in rome at the forum arena, this weekend saturday jan. 9, 2010. Its my first race of the year still waiting for the sccs and b.i.g. series to start up, im ready for it lately i have just been riding and practicing so it should be a good year of racing and hopefully injury free.


Matt #498

Oct 12 2009

I raced mx lites c and school boy i raced first moto in school boy got 6th then I started the first moto mx lites c i was in 8th out of 30 and was still moving up but i got landed on this guy jumped side ways and landed on my handle bars and broke my right hand. i got a cast today.hopefully it heals up fast so i can get ready for mini os

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Sep 12 2009

I have been training with Matt Walker, I've made alot of improvement. I have done a few races lately. I raced yesterday and got 4th, it was a really good race.


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Matt Buckner #498

Jul 25 2009

Lately this summer i have just been training and practicing. I got a new trainer Matt Walker, I'm training atleast once a week now. The SCCS series starts back up in august so until then Im just practicing.


May 12 2009

Im going to be going to a training academy in a couple weeks once summer is here Im thinking about RTF in alabama. If any one knows of any others in the georgia alabama area that are good and affordable let me know.

May 12 2009

In C Class there was heat races to qualify for the main but in the heat race i got in a pile up out of the gate and then my bike wouldnt start once I finally got it started the rest of the pack was to far ahead but i did catch up and pass a few people.

Apr 20 2009

Race at sand mountain mx, Got a horrible start both motos next race is loretta lynn qualifier at bremen May 9-10. Now Im just practicing for that.

Apr 13 2009

this year hasnt gone how I expected it to. I have missed many races from breaking my hand then trying to recover, and my papa passed away. I haved missed all the LLQ so far, but i will be at the rolling hills and bremen LLQ, as long as everything goes as planned, hopefully it will work out. I went practicing last sunday my new bike is awsome KX 250F Monster Energy edition. I will update some pics soon. This weekend i will be at sand mountain MX in Alabama for the 2nd SCCS race. I hope to do good but I havnt been able to ride much so we will see what happens. hopefully Practice at bremen thursday night isnt canceled so I can get some more time in on the new bike.

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Matt Buckner #498

Mar 28 2009

I was going to go to the Aonia Loretta Lynn Qualifier, But my grandfather past away his funeral was this weekend.


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Matt Buckner #498

Mar 6 2009

My hand is still healing I went tuesday 3-3-09. I go back on march 24(my birthday) to get x rays and it will be healed then Ill be back out there riding and I get to ride my new bike. My hand bein messed up will only make me miss 1 or 2 races. I will miss the aonia LLQ, But I will be at all the others and I'm not sure what series im gonna run yet I will let you all know when I decide.

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Feb 15 2009

I recently broke my hand. Should be healed in a few weeks. Hopefully i will be able to get some practice in before Loretta lynn qualifiers at the end of march. I got a new bike KX250F monster edition. I will be going to the ATL supercross next weekend. 

Nov 28 2008

Racing at Mill Creek racing MX Lites C and maybe youth or school boy not sure yet but deffinatly MX Lites C. Im gonna try to get my mom to get a good video, Pics are guranteed and good video should be a good possibility. I'll be back on later to let you kno how it goes.


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Matt Buckner #498

Nov 15 2008

Went good track was nice, I was riding good. Didnt get any pics though cause my mom didnt bring her camera, but i will get some newer pics soon probaly this week.

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Matt Buckner #498

Nov 7 2008

Practice went good, the track was nice it was my first time back since the torn ligaments in my foot but it went good I was riding good, and felt completly comfortable with my bike, wasnt holding back at all.

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Oct 25 2008

My foot is heeled now 4 weeks ago I fractured it and tore three ligaments. I went to the doctor yesterday friday 10-31-08 and he said its good to go. So practice for the 2009 season starts thursday.

 I got the new white plastic and new factory effex number plates and im going to get the custom factory effex graphics with all my sponsors on them. Im gonna wait a few more weeks to order those though to make sure I get all my sponsors on there.

well thats it for now

   Matt Buckner #498

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