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Personal History

My name is Matthew Stratford, I'm 18 years old out of southern California. Im on my last semester of high school. I've been riding ever since I was 3 but didn't ride for a long time until I turned 13, that's when I got back into it and really improved my riding. Once I got on my 250 I felt at home on the bike but I crash at competitive edge mx park and broke my collar bone, it took me awhile to be able to ride at my normal pace again, I was ready to compete for the ngpc series and try to progress my riding even more, I unfortunately broke my bike before my first race and my friend loaned me his 1998 kx250, I couldn't get comfortable on the bike but still raced it for my first and second race. My first race I got a bad start and was dead last in the second corner I ended up passing half the pack on the first lap and then more but the bike broke and I was unable to finish. My second race I got a great start but ended up going down and the bike wouldn't start until half the pack got by, once that happen I was coming back through and was stuck behind slower riders for a while ended up passing a couple people right before the line and got 11.

Riding Goals

My riding goals for 2020 are to fight for the intermediate championship and progress my Riding as far as I can. I will be on my bike for 2020 and that will really help improve.

Competitive Highlights

I haven't accomplished to much with racing other than one of the fastest laps from a dead last start and my best finishes which was an 11. I've really progress on my bike from being kind of a squid to a good competitor.