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Personal History

Born and Raised in New Jersey. Moved to Boise, Idaho in 1991, followed my future wife which we been married since March 1992. I have 2 daughters.  I’m a retire army veteran that served 21 years 5 months 18 days. I started to ride because my daughter boyfriend does. I would go out with him and ride the track and trails. My hobbies include camping, skiing, golf, riding, fishing, ice fishing, collect baseball cards and other sports cards, collect money from around the world. Enjoy going to sporting events and some musical concerts. 

Riding Goals

To get better each time I race. It’s a rush and lots of fun but just wanna improve and actually give other riders competition. 

Competitive Highlights

Nothing right now, but if I have to choose... Fountain Creek Hare Scramble, I was one of the few that actually didn't get stuck in a good size stream and mud pit.